Friday, March 27, 2015


I just finished watching the first season of Satisfaction. I'm so amazed and in love with the show.

As the end of the episode approached, I started thinking about how the series shows how there are different sides to people. We have hidden parts of ourselves. Maybe we hide it from everyone except ourselves. Maybe we hide it from everyone INCLUDING ourselves. Maybe we hide it from everyone except a few special exceptions.

I think we all have a dark side—an evil side. But I don't think the show was about that side. It was more about the weird side...or creepy.

On the show, there's a very sweet pub owner. He's articulate and very kind. He performs small religious ceremonies for the brothel women. He's the kind of guy I'd want as my next door neighbour or best friend.  And this guy happens to like pretending he's a little boy. He hires a sex worker to change his nappy in a public restroom. He likes to eat ice-cream cones while talking like a toddler.  I watch him and think it's quite creepy. But then I think about older children having fun playing mommy and baby. Why should the desire for that type of play suddenly vanish when we're adults?

The show also features a parliamentary man with a rubber fetish.  Imagine all the interesting fetishes that exist within Parliament. What does Sarah Hanson-Young like to do behind closed doors? Or what would she like to do? Would her career be ruined if we all found out? Probably. But it shouldn' long as it's not something that causes harm to others.

We spend so time and effort on promoting tolerance. We push tolerating different religions, ethnic groups, genders, sexual orientations, disabilities, disfigurements, breast sizes, etc. I think that's great. I think also though that we should work harder to tolerate everyone's different flavors of weirdness.

We're all strange in both private and public ways. And that's usually fine.