Monday, December 4, 2017

What is Cute?

Last night I dreamed:

I'm with Australians and learn that Australians don't use the word "cute". Nor do they know what it means.  I try to explain it. Then I try to figure out what they use instead of the word "cute".  It seems what they do is just say "awwww".

I don't know why I dreamed that.


It could be because I've been watching Crash Course philosophy, and this week I watched episodes about language.

Now I'm wondering, how would we explain the concept of cute if we didn't have something like Google translate available.  Or what if a culture didn't have a word like that?

I'd probably skip trying to define it, and instead maybe give examples. Baby animals might do the trick. But then again, they might think we're trying to talk about youth...or wildlife.