Thursday, December 7, 2017

Happy But Also Envious

It's wonderful that Australia has legalized gay marriage.

I love looking at Mike Bower's Instagram photos of what's been happening in Parliament.

It took a lot of time and a lot of drama, but now Australia has made itself even better than it was before.

I'm a little envious, though.

I see members of The Liberal party in support of gay marriage. One Liberal even proposed to his boyfriend in Parliament.

It seems quite fantastic to me that Australia legalized gay marriage WHILE their right wing party was in power.

I miss the days when America's right wing party was more moderate.  I miss the days when I thought they were assholes but not totally evil assholes.

I know. Australia has a right wing party that's not so moderate.  But the difference is, Australia hasn't put Pauline Hanson in the throne...yet.  PLEASE don't.

One day I was talking to Tim, and I decided America has become a certain type of country.  When someone is bitching about their government and the quality of life in their country, I think sometimes people will try to shut them up by talking about countries that are so much worse.

I think we're that country now for people. Australians probably sit there bitching about Malcolm Turnbull.  Then they can cheer themselves up by thinking, Wait! At least he's not Donald Trump! At least we have decent healthcare. At least we don't have all those gun massacres. 

The US does have gay marriage, and that's fantastic. Hopefully that will stay. I can't say I feel 100% secure about that.

Almost every day, we get bad news here.

It's like our country is being run by a comic book villain.

Life is scary for us here...and scary for all of you not here...since Trump seems to really enjoy nuclear war games.

HOPEFULLY Trump is just a really shitty glitch in our history, and after he's gone, we'll go back to joining the world in taking steps forward rather than backwards.