Thursday, July 3, 2008

What? He's Australian?

Did you know Rick Springfield is Australian?

I didn't.

Until my friend recently pointed it out to me.

Learn something new everyday.

In honor of my friend, I will try to list some famous Aussie people that might make some of us gasp in shock. (well, at least us Americans)

  1. P.L Travers. The author of Mary Poppins.
  2. Errol Flynn. The wild actor.
  3. Portia de Rossi. Actress and partner of Ellen DeGeneres. Pretend mother to that evil chick on Nip/Tuck
  4. Bee Gees. "More than a woman.....More than a woman to me!" born in England. Moved to Australia.
  5. AC/DC Rock group
  6. Peter Singer Prominent animal rights activist and ethicist (if you're still a carnivore, it's likely you haven't heard of him)
  7. Rachel Griffith. Actress from Six Feet Under
  8. Toni Collette The mom from The Sixth Sense and Little Miss Sunshine
  9. Isla Fisher. The crazy girl from The Wedding Crashers. And also wife of Borat.
  10. Naomi Watts. Actress from The Ring. I know she's in other stuff, but all I can think of is The Ring. I can't get that damn movie out of my head.
  11. Peter Weir. Movie director. Dead Poet's Society. Truman Show

Please don't freak out about the absence of Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. I tried to leave out the obvious ones. I think we all know that Mel Gibson is Australian, just as we all know there really was a Holocaust.

If you look at the above list, it might seem Australia has an awfully small pool of talent. Totally not true. It's just we've been blind to all Australia has to offer. There's a boatload of Australian celebrities that most of us Americans haven't heard of yet. Hey, I'm obsessed with Australia and still feel I've only skimmed the surface when it comes to Aussie talent.

Even for the people on the above list....before they came to America, they did stuff in Australia that most of us Americans haven't heard of.

Before Sixth Sense and Six Feet Under, there was Muriel's Wedding. Watch it and you get to hear Rachel Griffith and Toni Collette with their real accents.

Okay, speaking of accents.....Does anyone else get freaked out when they find out an actor or actress has a different accent than they use in their show/move? My biggest shock lately was with Eli Stone. I saw an interview with the main star....Johnny Lee Miller. "What? He's British????!!!!"