Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Hate Him!

I think we can fall in love with fictional characters.

I think we can also fall in hate.

This is the man I now despise.

Harry Ryan from McLeod's Daughters   He's selfish.  He's manipulative.   He's horrible to his two sons.   His selfishness caused one son to live a life full of guilt; and it caused major problems in the relationship between two brothers.

I hate this man.  

Usually, I'm not a fan of physical violence.  But I was so happy yesterday when one of his sons punched him in the face.    I wasn't just happy.   I was relieved.

There's that saying the character you love to hate.   I'm not sure I love hating this guy.   I kind of wish he'd just disappear--maybe via some horrible painful accident.   Unfortunately, I think he sticks around for several more seasons.

The ironic thing is the actor that plays him--Marshal Napier is the real life father of the actress who plays Becky.   Becky.....the girl I'd be willing to to try being a lesbian for.  Becky....the girl I LOVE to love.   Becky....the girl I wish had stayed around until season 8, but apparently she leaves in season 3. 

Why?  Why!   No!  Don't leave us Becky!   (Oops sorry.  Got a bit carried away there)

Both Daddy Napier and Daughter Napier sound like pretty decent people.   Well, they're involved with animal rights.   I guess that's pretty decent.

Hey, I just googled Mr. Napier and found out he was featured in a Lost alternate reality game called Find 815.    What is an alternate reality game?   I have no idea.  All I know is if you play it, you'll see Harry Ryan.    But it's not really Harry Ryan.  It's just the actor. need to scream insults at the screen.


Jayne said...

I'll just tease you with the hint that he goes out with a whimper but his going causes a delayed bang ;)

Dina said...


I've actually gotten a few hints of what happened.

Before we got the DVD's, I watched scenes on YouTube.

I didn't see how he died, but I know for some reason Stevie is blamed.

I don't know what happened or why....who or where.

All I'm thinking is "GO STEVIE!"

rinniez said...

OMG the final season started last night! :O and my favourite bloke of the last season is dead ... i think! All my fave characters leave and then i get a new fave and they leave its not fair... nor is it fair that this is the last season! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Love reading your posts about it tho cause u are so far behing its hilarious :P
You havent even got to the best eps yet re: bricks leaving story and claires leaving story.... amazing episodes hurry hurry and get to theM!

Dina said...


Stop picking on me! Okay?

Oh! I get it. You're upset lover boy died and now you're taking it out on me.

I can't help it that I'm so far behind!!!!!!

So unfair!!!!

Hey, anyway.....I've seen Claire's lovely good-bye scene. Watched it on YouTube.

Saw Brick's too.

I'm bad. I watch ahead.

Jack is bad too. He reads ahead and then when we're playing McLeod's Daughters, he reveals stuff. It was too funny. I was pretending to be Claire--talking about Peter Johnson.

I don't know who Jack was pretending to be, but he very coldly told me (as Claire) the deep dark secret about my lover. At first, I thought he was making it up. But then I realized it wasn't a made up thing.

Anyway, sorry for your loss.

And I WILL catch up someday.