Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Hate Him!

I think we can fall in love with fictional characters.

I think we can also fall in hate.

This is the man I now despise.

Harry Ryan from McLeod's Daughters   He's selfish.  He's manipulative.   He's horrible to his two sons.   His selfishness caused one son to live a life full of guilt; and it caused major problems in the relationship between two brothers.

I hate this man.  

Usually, I'm not a fan of physical violence.  But I was so happy yesterday when one of his sons punched him in the face.    I wasn't just happy.   I was relieved.

There's that saying the character you love to hate.   I'm not sure I love hating this guy.   I kind of wish he'd just disappear--maybe via some horrible painful accident.   Unfortunately, I think he sticks around for several more seasons.

The ironic thing is the actor that plays him--Marshal Napier is the real life father of the actress who plays Becky.   Becky.....the girl I'd be willing to to try being a lesbian for.  Becky....the girl I LOVE to love.   Becky....the girl I wish had stayed around until season 8, but apparently she leaves in season 3. 

Why?  Why!   No!  Don't leave us Becky!   (Oops sorry.  Got a bit carried away there)

Both Daddy Napier and Daughter Napier sound like pretty decent people.   Well, they're involved with animal rights.   I guess that's pretty decent.

Hey, I just googled Mr. Napier and found out he was featured in a Lost alternate reality game called Find 815.    What is an alternate reality game?   I have no idea.  All I know is if you play it, you'll see Harry Ryan.    But it's not really Harry Ryan.  It's just the actor. need to scream insults at the screen.