Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Girl-Crush

I'm secure enough in my sexuality to admit that I have crushes on females.

My crush right now is Becky from McLeod's Daughters.   I think she's so beautiful--breathtaking. I swear.  I'm sometimes moved to tears when she just appears onscreen.

I love her character.  She's had a difficult life, but she's so strong and caring.  I like that she's not a pushover.  She knows how to fight back.   I wish I could be more like her.   And maybe it's therapeutic for me to see her.   Maybe she can be a role model for me.

Becky has her own little theme song.   The music played in McLeod's Daughters, for the most part, comes from one singer.  Rebecca Lavelle.   She sings the show's theme song, but she also has a specific song for various storylines and characters.   Anytime, an episode is centered around Becky, a song is played called "Don't Judge".

I love the song.

I wanted to download the song off of I-Tunes, but they don't have any Rebecca Lavelle songs.   Poo on them!

When I-Tunes doesn't have a song, I usually find a video on You-Tube that uses it.   I tried to find a McLeod's Daughter's video that has it, but I couldn't find one.   Instead, I found a Charmed video.  

Funny because those three witchy girls are my other female crushes.