Thursday, July 31, 2008

What a Fun Country!

Towards the end of our stay in Port Stephens, they began to have organized activities for the children.  It was late December and the summer holidays were beginning (that's probably going to sound very weird to any American readers I might have).

I took Jack to an arts and crafts session.   Jack was nervous about separating from me so with the blessings of the counselor/instructor, I stayed.

While the kids did artistic stuff, I chatted with the instructor.   We talked about Australia and the time he spent in America.   Then he filled me in on what children's activities would be happening further in the week--when we'd unfortunately not be there anymore.

One of the things he said was that they were going to take the kids down to the beach and they'd have an ice block.

I had no idea what an ice block was, but it sounded spectacular.   I pictured a huge block of ice that the kids got to climb on and play all over.  Slipping and sliding.  Chasing each other in circles around the block.   I don't know.   It sounded awesome.  This further confirmed my belief that Australia had to be the best country in the world.  (note: the first thing that confirmed this for me was at a food stand in Circular Quay.  They sold donuts with lollipops inside!  Can you beat that?)

I finally asked what an ice-block was.   

It's what we Americans call a Popsicle.

Lovely.  But not as exciting as a big huge chunk of ice.

I guess playing with a huge chunk of ice in a country plagued by drought might not be the most responsible activity.   Although, is it any different than swimming in a pool?

Anyway..... just for fun.

Here is a list of foods that have a different name in Australia.

This list is more for the few American readers I have.

Australians tend to know more about Americans than Americans know about Australians.   So they probably already know most of this.

They even know who are President is.

Americans....Do you know who the Prime Minister of Australia is?

Ha.   I rest my case.


The list (along with my personal judgements of what name is better):

1. COTTON CANDY=FAIRY FLOSS  (I prefer the American name.  I mean fairy floss is adorable, but come on.  That stuff really DOES look like cotton.)

2. SPRINKLES= 100's and 1000's ( I prefer the Australian in this case.  Look! It's promoting mathematics to children!)

3. GUMMI=JELLY  (I prefer the Australian.  Jelly makes me think of the nice stuff you put on toast.  Gummi makes me think of an old person who has lost their teeth)

4. RICE KRISPIES = RICE BUBBLES (I like the American.  Rice bubbles makes me think I'm going to get gas.

5. RAISINS= SULTANAS  (I think I like them equally)

6. PAPAYA=PAW PAW  (I like the American better, but the Australian is cute too)


Proof of the beauty of Australia.