Friday, January 22, 2010

The Desire To Prove My Innocence

Last night I dreamed.....

We're in Australia. It seems that our trip is soon coming to an end. I find a free Australian newspaper....I guess one of those local papers. Of course me being me, I'm all excited and grateful for it. It's Australia-related. Right?

But then I start feeling a bit overwhelmed. Australia is such a huge thing to be obsessed with. I have so much stuff to read already. Should I really keep this newspaper? I have so much other Australian stuff to read at home. Will I actually read it, or will it get stuck in a drawer somewhere? I decide the best plan is to read it now while we're here.

So I do that.

I'm surprised that there's actually a little article about me and my blog. It's a tiny little thing...just a blurb really. There's a picture of me, and the article title is simply "The Girl Who Wished She was Australian." I'm feeling all pleased with myself, and my fifteen minutes of fame. Then I read the article, and realize it's not something to get happy about. The short little article is quite negative....very cynical of me. The main idea of the thing is that I did the blog so I could get free internet service from the Australian government. I'm slightly hurt by the negativity. But what bothers me more is that it's a lie. I don't like people lying about me. I think about sending a letter to the editor to clear up the issue. But then I decide it might be better to just refute the situation on my own blog. I start having doubts though. Tim deals more with our internet service and bills. What if it's true? What if the Australian government DOES help pay for my Internet? I decide I should talk to Tim before denying the charges.


  1. you crack me up. I'm only halfway through reading (i know i know - it's short. But I read slowly)

    That's really funny, though: "it's not something to get happy about... is quite negative."

    you're so funny.

  2. Wow (i'm done reading) and it's STILL funny !

    so.... what do you think it means?

    and more importantly, did I tell you I dreamt I was a city bus driver for a day? that's not related at all, but I thought I'd bring it up.


  3. HappyOrganist,

    I think the meaning is OBVIOUS. It's telling me I should contact the Australian government and see if they'll give me free Internet Service ; )

    LOL about your bus dream. I think you'd be the most adorable bus driver. The image in my head is so cute.

  4. It is obvious, isn't it. I picked up on that meaning, as well.

    And as far as my bus dream goes - there I was, apparently signed up to drive a bus. I didn't know HOW to drive a bus, what the route was, or how to read a map (i'm terrible at reading maps). I couldn't remember signing up to work at that job - and when I said so to the supervisor, she said something about "well you shouldn't have accepted the __(Pay?)__ then!"

    So I started the route, drove up a hill, and then I was walking up a hill instead (nice transition there), was talking to a lady who happened to be jogging on that trail. Then after that I was with the neighborhood 12 year old (the one who we have babysit our kids sometimes) and my two little boys. We were outside of a water park and snuck in by climbing over the wall (well they climbed and jumped into the pool of water below. I actually found a way in under the wall (had to hold my breath while getting into the pool.. guess the pool extended to outside the wall a bit, as well). But it sure beat jumping.

    Ultimately, though, I couldn't follow them into the pool very far b/c that would be illegal and I didn't want to do that. So we ended up leaving.

    I have recurrent dreams about water parks, btw. That was unlike the traditional recurrent dream I have (which is more about walking around and standing in line for water slides).

    I'm glad you understand your own dreams. :D

  5. I'm ring Prime Minister Kevin Rudd as I type.... We'll get this sorted! lol

  6. HappyOrganist: I've had a few dreams about water parks. I'm not sure there would be enough to qualify as recurring though.

    You dream sounds so symbolic. Buses...up the hill. Up the hill would probably represent some kind of challenge?

    The whole bus thing sounds like you've been given responsibility that you feel you're not ready for...or qualified for.

    The water park? Maybe you feel your treading where you don't belong.

    I'm having fun here! I feel like a fortune cookie.

    So what do YOU think it means?

    I rarely understand my dreams...but the Australia government one was just so obvious.

    Alex: Thank you!! I'm glad to have you on my side.

  7. It's telling you to not trust Australian journalists, except me! When you're ready to tell your story ...

  8. I could never even dream of dreaming something like that.. LOL.. Dina you should start a blog of your dreams some time soon...

  9. Michael: I am ready now! Should I start with my birth? Oh no wait. Maybe I should begin with the story of my grandparents......

    After watching your river video, I'm thinking my family should hire you to do narration.

    Farila: lol. I actually do have a dream blog, but I eventually made it totally private. I still write in it almost everyday though.

  10. I'm so going to interpret your dream next time. (whatever the the next dream is)

    My bus dream means nothing.

    Hey - I did dream that some girl put her hand in my coat pocket last night. that was pretty funny. I'm taking it out of context (i.e. the dream was not about that - but that's the only interesting part of it). I'd tell you more, but I don't need it all public...

  11. HappyOrganist,

    I'm excited about you interpreting my dream!

    Interesting about the coat pocket.....

    I'm trying to keep my thoughts to myself. So not easy!

  12. oh PLEEEASE read into that. I'm begging you.