Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sad Australian News and Very Happy Kiwi news

As I've mentioned, my parents recently went on a cruise to Australia and New Zealand. They communicated with us periodically through email.

In one of the emails, my dad wrote, I understand more fully Dina's passion for the Aussies. I hope one day she gets acquainted with the Kiwis.

I wasn't exactly sure how to interpret that, but I did my best to reply.

I said....Don't really have the energy to do a Kiwi blog. But I'm very fond of a couple of Kiwi actresses, and have a kiwi friend. Plus. I have a Kiwi nephew. Does that count? I also used to do very well on a NZ map quiz....not sure if I remember anything though.

The Kiwi nephew refers to the fact that my sister and her husband give their yet-to-be-born children tropical fruit names. Javier was Kiwi, and their coming attraction is Papaya. I'm thinking they should name kid #3 Durian. No, I'm joking.

The Kiwi actresses I was referring to are Anna Paquin and Jessica Napier. I had a little crush on Napier, and lately I've been crushing on Paquin. I think she's one of the most adorable creatures put on this planet.

Anyway, when I made the t-shirts a few weeks ago, one of them said I'd turn gay for Sookie Stackhouse. Sookie Stackhouse is the character that Anna Paquin plays on True Blood.

So here I was wearing the shirt and sitting at my computer.

I was crying about Sonia McMahon because I have a special place in my crazy heart for that family. And then on the McMahon news article there was a link to an article about Anna Paquin.

Paquin has come out of the closet! She's bisexual. This has totally increased my delusions that I have a chance with her. Maybe my dad's hope can come true, and I'll get acquainted with a Kiwi....a very specific Kiwi. Yeah. I know. And pigs will fly. But a girl can dream....right?

I can't honestly say I'm bisexual. I'm more bicrushual. But honestly. If the universe granted me a chance with Anna Paquin, I would MAKE myself bisexual. I think most of us are somewhat bisexual anyway. It's just about finding that part of yourself, and letting it blossom.

Anyway, the irony of me wearing this shirt while finding out Paquin is bisexual totally cracked me up. I ended up in that state of laughing and crying at the same time. I kind of love doing that because it symbolizes the fact that life is a mixture of sadness and silliness.

Tonight as I go to sleep, I shall think happy thoughts about Sonia McMahon reunited with her husband. And I shall thank the universe for blessing us all with the beauty of Anna Paquin.