Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bye Bye Lost

In a few hours I'm going to be watching the finale of Lost. I'm posting this in a few days. So by that time, I'll be either thinking. Wow. That was fantastic! OR What the hell were they thinking????!!!!

My prediction is I'm going to love it when I see it. Then in the middle of the night, I'm going to awaken and think. Wait a minute. They never explained this! And they totally forgot to explain that. And it makes no sense that..... blah, blah, blah, blah.....

I get very sad about TV show endings....even if it's a show I rarely watch. But I feel a particular poignancy regarding the end of Lost, because I kind of connect it to my Australia obsession.

The show premiered in September 2004. This was about the time my weird dreams began; the ones that led me into the whole spirituality thing, and then later led me to the whole Australia thing.

We went to Australia in December 2007. I had a really hard time returning to the United States. I'd think of Jack's famous lines. We have to go back! I felt desperate to return to Australia....to MOVE to Australia.

I think one time I tried to tell someone how I felt. It's like when you have one of those dreams of being back in a place you don't want to be....like high school. Then you wake up, and feel all relieved. Thank goodness I'm not THERE anymore. Well, in the months after we returned, I felt like I was stuck in one of those bad dreams. Besides thinking of the Jack lines, I'd also listen to Christina Anu's song, and cry my eyes out.

Fortunately, things got better after awhile.

And like the misplaced Losties, we DID go back.

In 2009, we went to Australia again. I got together with someone who reads my blog, and we became friends. Gina and I sat there chatting, and then realized we both loved Lost. I think honestly she might have loved it more than me, but by now I might have surpassed her in Lost obsessiveness. I'm not sure. It was nice to have something in common besides the Australia thing. I mean before that it was pretty much just Australia that connected us. Now we had something more.

This April, we met some of our other Australian friends in Oahu. This is where Lost was filmed. Our friends aren't Lost fans themselves, but they put up with our desire to see various Lost locations. Actually, they didn't just put up with us. Tracey actually helped us find places. She's like some kind of Hawaii expert.

On our first sightseeing day, Tim and I really wanted to see the beach where Lost was filmed. Tracey really wanted to see this beach where sea turtles hang out. We wanted to make sure everyone got what they desired....well, within reason, of course. The problem was Tracey forgot which beach had the turtles. I think we stopped at one beach, but it was the wrong one. And then also, it started raining.

We decided to go to the Lost beach, and then we'd find the turtle beach. Well, guess what. There were turtles at the Lost beach. We were surprised and excited. It seemed meaningful that what we both wanted to see was all at one beach. I remember walking with someone....Tim or Alex, I forgot. Tracey was up ahead talking to other tourists. We watched amused, wondering if they were there for the turtles or Lost. The answer ended up being the turtles. They weren't Lost fans.

That day Jack wore a Finding Nemo t-shirt with Crush the sea turtle on it. I didn't realize the connection until later. I wonder if any of the others noticed. ???? I don't think he did it on purpose. I think it was just one of those weird accidents/coincidences. Although MAYBE he had some kind of subconscious push to wear the shirt.

On another sightseeing day, we went to Camp Erdman, the YMCA camp. This is where they film the Others village/Dharma Camp. Seeing that was AWESOME. Unfortunately, I was coming down with some cold/allergy type thing, and couldn't fully enjoy it. But I definitely did appreciate it.

The camp kindly requests that visitors check in at the office, but they're very welcoming and accepting of Lost fans. We had a lovely chat with the woman who works there. We all bought some American candy in the office to enhance the international cultural experience of the Aussies; and I bought a camp t-shirt. I LOVE that shirt. I wore it twice this weekend, hoping it would attract some Lost fanatics. Oh my God! Where did you get that shirt?!

Oh! You watch Lost too?

Are you excited about the finale?

We'd have a nice chat...maybe make a new friend. We'd bond in our Lostness.

Sadly, it didn't happen.

No one seemed to notice my awesome shirt.

That sucks.

Anyway, after we went to the camp and did a few more sightseeing stuff...we returned to our temporary Oahu house. Tim and Tracey went to the grocery store, while I managed to become a major snot machine. At the grocery store, Tim saw Jorge Garcia. He excitedly told me that when he got back. I then sent a message to Gina on Facebook....telling her the news.

So that is that. My personal little Lost story.

Then there's one other thing I can think of. Lost totally reminds me of my spiritual life. My life is full of strange coincidences, symbols, and...well, just stuff that seems very meaningful. I get all these puzzle pieces, and no idea of how to stick them together. I feel I'm being led down a path, and then it leads to a dead end. I feel I'm closer to an answer, and then I realize I'm just getting more and more questions. I have fun with it all, but I'm left all confused....and very LOST.