Thursday, June 3, 2010

David Wenham and Tim Tams

So, here are some of my dreams from last night (actually the night before, because I'm not posting this until tomorrow).

1. Tim and I are in some kind of line for a government service. Then it ends up the person who waits on us is David Wenham. Why? Besides being an actor, he also works for the government.

We have Tim Tams, but there's a new American packaging. It's much more colorful than the last one. I've always liked Tim Tams, but now suddenly I totally love them. I find out somehow, that for Christmas, there's going to be Egg Nog flavored Tim Tams. The filling inside is going to be green. I'm wondering if this is only going to be in America, or if Australia will have them too.
Then I suddenly realize that these cookies, I'm totally enjoying, don't look like Tim Tams. They look more like Girl Scout Somoas, but they taste even better than those. I am wondering if the shape of Tim Tams have changed. And if they changed, did the Australian ones change too, or just the American ones?
Then I start to wonder if I've been even eating Tim Tams. I start to suspect maybe the whole time I had been eating a different cookie. I want to find the cookie package, which is empty and in the trash, but I can't find it.
Speaking of food....

At Central Market, we bought a Crunchie bar and a Curly Wurly bar. I think it's pretty awesome that they have those there. I wish they had Shapes. Maybe that will come next. Oh! And I'd love it if they started selling Wizz Fizz here. Our Hawaii friends brought us a show bag with that stuff in there. I'm totally a fan now. I especially like the lollipops.

I'm hoping that, since London probably has a lot of Australians living there, they'll have some Aussie food stuff easily available. I do know they have some of the same chocolate bars.

Oh cool. Here's a place. And they have Fizz Pops! Awesome.