Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Julia Julia Julia Julia Julia

Sometimes I can figure out what's going on in Australia simply by looking at my Statcounter.

There's so many people searching for Julia Gillard this morning! Actually, I already knew about her leadership grab though, because I went to the Australian Politics blog before Statcounter. If I had gone to Statcounter first, I'd really be wondering what's going on. It's happened at times. I'll see a name popping up on Statcounter, then I go to Google News to see why.

I had this when Dawn Fraser was robbed, and then I also had it when Victor Chang's murderer was released.

One day I had a lot of people searching for Paul McDermott. I never figured out what that was all about.

Anyway, here are the Julia Gillard keywords bringing people to my blog.

1. Julia Gillard photos June 2003
2. Julia Gillard Wiki
3. Where did Julia Gillard grow up
4. Can Julia Gillard become a Prime Minister she was born in Wales
5. Julia Gillard become a Prime Minister she was born in Wales
6. Julia Gillard's history as a radical student activist
7. Where does Julia Gillard live
8. Julia Gillard history
9. Julia Gillard forgot when Australia Day
10. Julia Gillard's birthday (maybe they want to do an astrology chart? See if she'll work as Labor Party leader?)
11. Julia Gillard's first boyfriend
12. Julia Gillard law firm partner 4 years
13. Julie Gillard's partner hairdresser

Well, I hope my old post provided at least SOME of the answers people were looking for.