Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More Thoughts Inspired by Sean Condon

Sean Condon's book of traveling negativity inspired me to examine what I like and dislike about our trips. Sometimes I think about my traveling experiences, and I'm so negative about it; I start to wonder....why do I travel in the first place?

So, I'm going to make a list of what I like and don't like....I'm going to TRY to be honest, even if it shames me.

So, here are my likes:

1. Going out for ice-cream
2. Unpacking, not when we get home, but at the hotel/apartment/holiday park. I love that feeling.
3. Walking on the beach.
4. Sharing a laugh with people. This is the best, really.
5. Taking walks when it's not too hot, and you're not worried your child is going to suddenly announce he has to pee...NOW.
6. Exploring and shopping in grocery stores
7. Going on water slides....but not the super scary ones.
8. Hanging out in the hotel room; but not too long, because I get antsy.
9. Doing laundry (at holiday parks, apartments, and beach house type places....not hotels so much)
10. Snacking here and there.
11. Animal parks and aquariums, but only when they're not too crowded. And they need to have a lot of Aussie animals. If the animals are not Australian, I don't care so much.
12. Eating fries/chips at the pool. Actually, it can be almost any food really. There's something really great about eating near pool water. I'm not sure why.
13. Picnics at the park.
14.. Australia. Let's face it....if it's in Australia, I'm 99% guaranteed to like it.

And here is what I usually do NOT like

1. Tourist Hot Spots...Bucket List Places It's all about waiting for people to finish taking their photo so you can walk past. If the place is somewhat obscure and/or not too crowded, then it can be nice. (And if it happens to be Australian, I'm usually okay with it too).

2. Museums. I've come to realize I really don't like these places much, even if it's regarding something I'm interested in. One exception is The Australia Museum. That place, I like. This might be because it has that big room where you can just sit and read books.

3. Eating at restaurants....especially at dinner. I don't like the waiting, the darkness, the pressure to have conversations, and then the interruptions once you manage to get a conversation started. Plus, you usually get too much food which leads to feeling tired and sluggish.

4. Tours. These usually torture me, especially when it involves walking, stopping, and listening. Add heat to that, and I'm extremely uncomfortable and unhappy. I did enjoy our tour of the Blue Mountains though. I think this is because the talking was done on the bus, and we could sleep if we got tired of listening. But since the tour guide was talking about Australia, I actually didn't get too tired of listening.

5. Packing to go home, especially when you've accumulated too much stuff, and don't know how it will fit into the suitcase.....even worse when you get home and don't know where to put all the new crap.

Wow. I'm really surprised my positive list is longer than my negative list. The only sad thing is (outside of walking on the beach, and the Australia stuff) I really don't need to go far too do the other stuff.

What's the point of traveling?

I don't know really.

But now after writing this post, I'm excited to do it again.