Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Harry Potter Tears

I'm crying right now because I'm almost done reading the Harry Potter series.

A few days ago, I told Tim that re-reading the books was one of the best things I've done. Now I'm thinking maybe it wasn't such a great idea.

I'm having to grieve all over again.

So sad.

The problem with Harry Potter is after reading THAT, almost everything else seems mediocre in comparison.

I'm not THAT close to the end fortunately.....I think I have a hundred or two hundred pages left. But the pages-left-to-read section is getting way too small for my comfort.

I'm reading the last book slowly this time.

I was one of those losers who read it too fast. I rushed through it so I could get to the end. I think I absorbed, understood, and remembered about 20% of what happened in the book.


I should say something Australia-related.


Hermione's Muggle parents went hiding in Australia. I wonder which state they went to. Probably Queensland. For some reason, I imagine them there. But maybe JK Rowling specifies the state somewhere in the end.

Back to my sadness.....

My Harry Potter issue (shared by millions, probably) reminds me of that song from Cold Mountain; The Scarlett Tide. There's the lyrics that say, Why would I want him just to lose him again?

That's how I feel about Harry, Ron, Hermione, sweet little Dobby, Lupin, Dumbeldore, Snape......

I guess in the end though....

It's better to have love and lost Harry Potter, than to have not experienced Potter at all.

Most Christians are probably sad for any of us heathens who do not read and love the bible.

I feel sad for all of those who haven't read Harry Potter.

A part of me thinks well, at least they don't have to mourn for the books. They don't have this desire to find JK Rowling and BEG that she write another sequel. They don't have to read other books right after Potter, and feel so horribly unsatisfied.

But you know what.....

Eventually, the Potter-feeling fades away, and I CAN read other books with joy and appreciation.

And I can always come back, and re-read the whole series again.

I think I will.


Even though I have some tears....

I'm very grateful that the universe gave us JK Rowling.

P.S-Jack and I played around with iMovie today, and made a short video of his 9th b-day party.

Here's that.

And I did some more singing. I sang little bits from two songs. One's Australian, and one's ABBA.

You may laugh if you want to. No need to say stuff like Don't quit your day job. Tim already said that to me. It's kind of silly, since I don't even HAVE a day job. I'm just a homeschooling mom who blogs about Australia. There's no reason why I can't add mediocre singing to my day plans as well.

And here is a video made by Jack.