Monday, May 7, 2012

David Campbell

Lately I've been thinking it would be funny if celebrities auditioned for the blind auditions on The Voice wish has come true.

In my music research adventures I came across a guy named David Campbell.   He's a celebrity, and he snuck into the blind auditions as a joke.  

None of the coaches seemed to recognize his voice.  Keith Urban and Delta Goodrem recognized him as soon as they turned around.  They seemed amused.  The American and British coach looked completely lost.  I feel put off by their ignorance, but I shouldn't. I didn't know who David Campbell was until about five minutes ago.   

Lord Wiki has informed me that he's the son of Jimmy Barnes.


I know Jimmy Barnes' daughter also auditioned for the show...for real and not as a joke.  She got put on a team.

Well, and I just saw she was eliminated in the battle rounds.

I'm seeing all kinds of interesting things from Lord Wiki.

Such as....

Jimmy Barnes has Jewish ancestry.

David Campbell was raised by his grandmother and didn't know at first that Jimmy Barnes was his father.  He thought he was a family friend.  I'm guessing the grandmother wasn't Jimmy Barnes' mother.   Otherwise I imagine they'd try to pass Jimmy Barnes off as Campbell's older brother. Isn't that what people usually do in those types of situations?

Here's a video of Jimmy Barnes and David Campbell singing together.

Oh....I found something else fun.

David Campbell was in an American animated film called Joseph: King of Dreams.   He did the singing voice for Joseph.  

Here is a video from that movie.

I'm guessing that's supposed to be Joseph. If it's not, than it's not David Campbell singing. But I think it probably is.


Kate Sparkles said...

Oh I'm disappointed I missed that one! I'm not surprised he isn't well known internationally but obviously being Barnesy's son his is quote popular here. My Mum especially is a fan. He is actually coming on tour to my town in June and I'm thinking of going to see him..

Honestly I was surprised they let Mahalia onto the show for real as she is well known here as well.. I suppose terr is no rule against it but to be honest it wouldn't have made for an interesting show had a well known singer won it.

Dina said...


That would be cool if you went to see his concert!

In the American Voice show, they actually have a semi-celebrity. He was a child star on the 1990's Mickey Mouse Club, but then hasn't had much of a show business career since then.

It actually has made the show MORE interesting because one of the coaches/judges was his co-star on the Mickey Mouse Club. She's not very nice to him, which I think in some ways has helped him. The conflict brought him attention, and I think that's brought him much more votes. He's one of the finalists.