Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More McMahon Family Dreams

Last night I dreamed about the McMahon family again. This time it was about the daughters, which I think might be unusual for me.  I don't think I've dreamed about the daughters before. I could be wrong, though.  I thought I had never seen pandas in person before, but then my mom reminded me that I saw them in 1992. 


There were two separate dreams about them.  One was early on at night. It was vague. Or my memory of it is vague.

I'm in pursuit of information about the murder of William McMahon.   

Then I realize and remember that he hadn't been murdered. At some point, I see images of his daughters.  They're twin-like and both have their hair up in half pony-tails. They kind of looked old-fashioned like the little girl on the cover of my copy of The Seven Little Australians (I'm reading that now).  

In the other later dream.

Tim and I watch an Australian tabloid show.  I'm bemused that it's playing on American television.   There's several stories, but the last story is about the McMahon daughters. They're in some kind of feud with each other.  One daughter is Deborah and has a nickname that starts with z.  I see the z and it's written in cursive.  

I just realized why I probably dreamed about z. Andrew mentioned Zee vs Zed on his blog comments yesterday. 

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