Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jim Parsons

I'm thinking about the Julian McMahon thing again.

I started thinking about it when writing my last post.

Here's the story in a nutshell (in case you don't want to read the long post about it):  I watched Charmed.  I liked Charmed.  I started having recurring dreams about Julian McMahon. I became obsessed with it all, and that led me to becoming very obsessed with Australia. Well, because Julian McMahon is Australian. 

Sometimes I think it was some kind of spiritual path, and Julian McMahon was the catalyst.

Other times I think I was being very silly, had a crush on an actor, and that led me to all of this.

But Jim Parsons makes me feel the former is more likely.


We have watched five seasons of The Big Bang Theory this summer.   We watched two episodes pretty much every Monday-Thursday and Sunday (Friday and Saturday we're usually at the lake house).

All three of us are really into the show.

I kind of fell in love with Sheldon Cooper, even though he's somewhat awful at times.

I have a minor crush on the actor who plays him—Jim Parsons, who seems to have all of Sheldon's cuteness, but doesn't have the extreme narcissism.  He seems really sweet, although I know I shouldn't judge people on their interviews. That persona could be as pretend as the characters they play.  

Anyway, The Big Bang Theory is definitely an obsession in our lives. I was once really into Charmed,  but I don't think it can compare to how much we're into The Big Bang Theory.

This Sunday I started to feel really awful because I realized we had no more episodes to watch. I had this sense of dread. I think I was actually feeling a type of grief. 

I have major love for the show and the characters. It's played a huge part in our summer.


I don't think I've had one dream about the show.

Jim Parsons hasn't popped up in my lucid dreams. 

At least not yet.

I don't think he's been in any of my dreams. 

I think with Charmed, though, it was different. I think I liked the show, but not very intensely.   Then I started dreaming about it, and the dreams increased my interest in the show.

With The Big Bang Theory,  the love wasn't propelled by dreams.   I think I fell in love because it's a good show.   (The same can be said for Charmed, of course). But I think also we watched The Big Bang Theory so much, it became a comfort thing. I'm used to having it in our lives. I feel a bit lost without it.

I just accidentally capitalized (and was about to italicize) the word lost. I think THAT was a major Freudian slip.  

I did have dreams about Lost, by the way. But I don't think they were as intense and frequent as the Julian McMahon dreams. And they haven't really led me anywhere.

We did go to Hawaii, but that was for an Australian purpose. One time we went as a stopover on our journey to Australia. The next time we met our Australian friends there (because it's a good middle point between Texas and Tasmania). So if anything....Julian McMahon led to our Hawaii trips too.   Not Lost.

We DID visit some Lost sets while in Hawaii. I'll give Lost credit for that adventure, rather than Julian McMahon.  


Kate Sparkles said...

I love The Big Bang Theory and I agree Jim Parsons seems to be the best bits of Sheldon but also very sweet and down to earth.. Again how he seems. I always feel lost when I run out of episodes of a new show.. They really do become part of our life.. I can't wait for the next season!

Oh and I had no idea it was Charmed that was the start of all your Aussie love ( well kind of!)

Dina said...


Thanks! I'm glad I'm not alone.

And you'd be the first one I'd expect to agree with me. I think we have the same amount of love for fictional characters.

I remember your post about Friends. I could relate to that a lot.

As for Sheldon. There's something so endearing about him. I think a lot of people I know are as selfish and narcissistic as him; but they try to hide it. They're fake and manipulative. Maybe it's refreshing to see someone who just lets it all hang out.

Yeah. Parsons seems very sweet and down to earth. He seems very smart his own way.