Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Spiritual Beliefs

Fruitcake's recent post about God has got me thinking about my own spiritual beliefs. I don't think I've thought about them that much recently.  I mean I've thought about life and philosophy; but I haven't much thought about spirits, death, life after death, etc.

So now I'm going to think about it.

And write about it.

I believe in reincarnation.

I don't have concrete faith in the whole thing.  Sometimes I think we just end...period. And our bodies decompose.

But reincarnation is my main guess about these things.  

I don't believe in gods.

I believe in a higher power. Maybe. It would probably be like the Force in Star Wars.

I could also imagine there being a dark side.  

I believe there are spiritual beings who manage things in our lives and in the afterlife.  It would be like those characters in Charmed.  I forgot what they're called. But Leo ends up joining them?   Does anyone remember?

I'll go look it up.....

The Elders. That's what they're called. And Lord Wiki's cousin reminds me that they were also referred to as The Powers That Be.  

Anyway.  So yeah. I tend to believe in that. 

My beliefs might have been influenced by Charmed...which is a little embarrassing.  But then again, that show kind of planted the Australia seed in my brain. So I shouldn't be too surprised.

I believe in karma, but I don't think it always happens within a lifetime.  Meaning that if someone treats you like crap, you won't necessarily get to see them getting a taste of their own medicine in this lifetime.

I do see karma in action sometimes, and I have to admit I enjoy it.  So I do have a bit of an evil side.   HOWEVER, I'll also say, that at the same time, I feel sympathy for the person.   I'm not completely evil.   

I think most lessons, though, are learned through multiple lifetimes.

I believe if we have repeated challenges of the same type in our life, it probably indicates that we were naughty in these areas in a past life.  Or it could mean we simply chose to deal with those challenges in this life. Maybe it's like getting a degree.  Someone might say, In this lifetime I'm going to deal with financial issues. In the next lifetime, I'll deal with health issues.

If someone has an easy time with certain issues, maybe they're not ready to deal with those particular challenges.  Maybe they're not advanced enough. Or maybe they've dealt with them before, and they passed with flying colors.  It could be like video games. You beat the final boss; then you can go back and play the game with no real purpose. That sort of feels like a waste of time to me, though. So I don't think anyone has a 100% easy life.

Some people might have financial problems. Other people might have major health problems. 

Some people might have relationship problems.

Then some people have extremely challenging lives in multiple areas. What's the deal with that?

I don't know.

In terms of reincarnation, there's probably a multitude of possible explanations.

Maybe they're being punished by karma. Someone is forcing them to learn a lesson. Maybe the wrath was brought upon by The Powers That Be. 

Maybe they're very advanced students, and this is like their final exam. You've dealt with cancer in one life.  You dealt with a stalker in another. Then there was the one where your whole family was killed in a fire.  You did well with those.  And you did fantastic with poverty!   Now could you handle one single life where all these things happen....almost simultaneously

Maybe they're not advanced students and just want to jump in there with a challenge. It's like when I volunteered in a 1st grade classroom, and a child, I worked with, insisted on reading an adult novel...even though he wasn't ready for that reading level.  

Maybe the bad stuff wasn't pre-planned, and the person's life choices led them into the situation. I don't discount that happening. 

Or it could be that in the spiritual world, the person had one plan. Then in life they took a major detour. The bad stuff could be sent from the Powers that Be to get the person back on track. 

Now....Why do very good things happen to people?

I guess it could be rewards for a job well done—in a past life or current life.

They could be tests.  When you were poor, in the last life, you hated the wealthy. You blamed them for your problems. Now how will you act if you're born into a wealthy family?   Will be you be any different?  

It's like the person who is bullied. Then later they're a witness to another person being bullied.Do they stand up for the person being bullied, or do they take their chance to play the other role? Do they join in the laughter and ridiculing? 

In general, I think the main purpose of life is for our spirits to learn and grow. 

I think probably the most important skill we need to gain is compassion...that and empathy.    

Balance and moderation is another one.

What else?  

Any ideas?