Sunday, September 23, 2012

Stephen King Associations in my Brain

I thought this was kind of funny.

I was writing about The Shining just now in comments. 

Then, for some reason, I associated it with Australia.

What about The Shining relates to Australia? 

It took me a few seconds, but then I figured it out.

It's about Nicole Kidman.

No, she wasn't in The Shining.

But she was in a movie called Fur an Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus.  

Diane Arbus was a real photographer.

One of her famous photographs is of twins.

Those twins were the inspiration for the eerie twins in The Shining.

Speaking of spooky Stephen King characters.....

One of my long-time celebrity fascinations is Andrew Hubatsek who played Zelda in Pet Sematary.  

I get some type of psychological relief from seeing Hubatsek not looking terrifying.   So I enjoy seeing these photos of him playing Hamlet at the Bloomsburg theatre.  In some photos, you can see a bit of the Zelda resemblance

Back to Australia stuff....

I've just learned there's a treasure buried in Mosman.  Or there was. I read it in a book.  

I can't find much information about it online. 

Why do I feel that if something's not online, it's not true?

Have I become overdependent on Lord Wiki?


Andrew said...

Buried treasure in Mosman? I too get cross when things aren't online. It is getting better, but there is still many things that aren't online.

Dina said...


I think the internet has given us a need to verify everything.

I find it harder to believe things when I've seen it in only one source.

The book says there MIGHT be gold. I can't argue with that.

Here's the exact quote:

"Somewhere about Mosman heights in suburban Sydney is buried a fortune that will make the finder affluent for life. The amount is said to be more than 20,000 pounds.

The money is the proceeds of Australia's first bank robbery when, on 15 September 1826, the Sydney branch of the Bank of Australia was robbed. The money was never recovered, but it was expertly planted in the vicinity of Mosman heights, so it was said".

Actually, that's not an exact quote, because the author used the pound sign. I don't think I have that on my keyboard.

In the introduction itself the author says things might not be true.

"Documentary evidence has been given whenever possible, but in many cases it is impossible to confirm stories and happenings which are merely hearsay and undoubtedly embellished and embroidered down the years".

So it's not really a book of facts; but instead a book of things that might be true.

R.H. said...

If the book is folklore then it's probably untrue.

Hi, I'm here to say thanks for your reference to me on blog fruitcake. I did respond but in a manner that got me censored. It was to do with the RH dictum of a generous bosom indicating a generous mind (yours).

Australia is a very conservative country, full of gossips. Its TV productions are hilariously bad, without sleaze there'd be no show. For years its people have been praying for bombs down their chimneys to feel they're important. No one has bothered -except in Darwin WW2 where the Australian army ran for their lives. If I were American I wouldn't be even slightly interested in this burg; it's only a counterfeit America anyway.

Dina said...



Thanks for the compliments. And that's an interesting theory about bosoms and minds. I think people usually suspect the opposite.

I'm not sure I'd agree with the compliment; although I guess it's all in the eyes of the beholder.

As for your other stuff:

Conservative Australia: Disagree. But I do wonder why Q and A always has more audience members from the Coalition. What's up with that?

Full of Gossips-Completely agree. And the same can be said for America.

TV Shows-I might have agreed a few years ago. Now I like Aussie TV.

Wishing for Bombs-You'd be a good guest in that Dangerous Idea showcase in Sydney.

I agree with you on some level there. Not just with Australia. But I think it's human nature to equate hardship with importance.

If you were American, I imagine you'd be totally obsessed with Australia.

Or maybe Iceland.

Anyway...question: Do you watch TV? If so, what country's? American? Australian? British? Other?

Any favorite shows?

R.H. said...

The theory goes further, bosom cover is a barometer of the economy, in good times women reveal more. And more. Wall street knows this and keeps an eye out.

You'll have forgotten, but when I first noticed you on blog androo your gravatar displayed a good set. I was impressed and said so. Androo didn't like the comment, but you disagreed, saying you were pleased with any sort of compliment. Well done!

Australia is a backward country in everything: arts, politics, academia; only its pimps are world class.
I remember being a kid watching foreign newsreels in the cinema and if Australia got a mention the entire audience cheered. They felt ignored, unimportant.
This is a very conservative place, Menzies won about six elections in a row by calling the Labor Party communist. Later The Melbourne Herald ran a slogan "you know where you are with the Herald" when a rival newspaper began publication. It was a good paper; groundbreaking, but lasted about six issues. Middle-class twenty and thirty-something grandchildren from those 1960s are no different: faux social reformers, deeply ashamed of their privilege but they'll fight like mad to keep every bit of it. Funny how in a land renowned for its wide open spaces they've created their own little Europe, cramming into narrow city alleys to drink latte. You'll see them on Q+A. And you're wrong about that show; it's lefty, put on by the lefty ABC.
I do watch it, but only for a perv, the girls in the audience are always good looking and ready for their close-up.

Dina said...


I actually do remember the compliment! That was years ago. Wasn't it? Shows you how starved I am for attention.

I didn't realize though that was you though. Were you using the same name?

You're right. I am wrong about Q and A. I like how you write it. Q+A. Maybe I should start doing that. I wish I could use the AND symbol without it going all

Anyway. Yeah. The show does seem a bit on the left; so I wonder why the audience is made up of a lot coalition supporter people Is that to confuse the viewer.

Maybe they have more people from the right on the show; but they take more questions from the lefties?

Menzies was quite a few decades ago. You could be right about the old folks holding on to the ideals. But in general, Australia seems more left to me. Or a mixture perhaps.

Good point about Australia having European-like cities.

I agree with you about the girls on Q + A. There's been some beautiful ones lately.

Rebecca/beccaelf said...

Zelda scared me so much when I was a kid! Actually, I am still pretty afraid of her...

R.H. said...

Pardon me, the Q+A audience has feminists, lesbians, homosexuals, and undergrads being radicals before getting big-paid jobs.
Main things discussed are gay marriage, women's rights, the plight of the refugees, the plight of the aborigines. I hear some of it but mainly I'm preoccupied choosing prettys for my vast harem. Oh golly if it were possible!

I don't say Aussie cities are European in style, rather that shabby parts of them, like alleyways behind old buildings where dunny carts once collected shit have become cafe strips where Aussie lovers of Paris (mainly young women) can feel like they're in the back streets of Montparnasse.

I've always been RH, most deleted commentor in blog history.
A proud record.

R.H. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dina said...

Rebecca: Yeah. She's very scary.

I think I'm less scared though now that I've seen the face behind the mask.

RH: I just deleted your last comment. Not that it offended me; but I didn't want to break with tradition.

I assumed you'd feel more at home here if I deleted one.

Interesting observation about the cities. I haven't spent enough time in Europe or Australia to give you an intelligent agreement or disagreement.

R.H. said...

Thanks. Mind you, whilst being deleted is elevating it gives a tiny shock at first, like spotting a twenty on the footpath.

Anyone agreeing with me is intelligent.

Martin said...

Dina, I haven't checked this but I suspect you're sort of mis-reading the stats to mean there are many more right-wingers in the audience than lefties. The stats show three voting groups, I think (Coalition, Labor and Green) and if you combine the Labor and Green percentages it usually comes to about the same as the percentage for the Coalition. There is usually also a small percentage who apparently choose not to answer that question for the Q&A statisticians so both 'sides' usually come to forty-something percent. I apologise if I have that wrong but I do occasionally read the stats and that's the picture I've always gotten.

Dina said...

R.H-You're welcome. I was going to delete this comment too...well, because I'm generous that way. But I don't want to give you a superiority complex, or anything.

Do I need to just agree with you on your deletion philosophy to be intelligent? Or do I have to agree with you on everything?

Martin: You are right. I'm wrong. I'm feeling a bit stupid.

Here's my excuse. I never paused to actually count, and I guess my brain doesn't work that fast.

So my brain saw the big number and went with that.

I just did the pause thing for the last episode; and you're right. The left and right is about equal.

My excuse is a lousy one. I feel ashamed; and I SHOULD feel that way.

Thanks for setting me straight!

R.H. said...

I don't know about any stats but Q+A (guests and audience) are a gasbagging middle-class foreign to us working stiffs.

Dina said...


Perhaps those statistics should be provided on the Q+A screen as well.

Gasbagging Middle-Class-70%

Working Stiffs-20%


I think they should also provide other important statistics.

Like male/female.

Socks/no socks

Bite fingernails/don't bite fingernails.

Considered jumping into the Kiama blowhole/have not considered jumping into it.

Stuff like that....