Monday, September 3, 2012

Thirst Synchronicity

Today Fruitcake commented on one of my posts and asked, the glass may well be half full, but of what, that's what I want to know. 

This morning I edited and posted some of my zombie story.  There was a whole thing about a family being incredibly thirsty during the zombie war.  I wrote it a few months ago. I think I got the idea for that scene from a dream. Maybe?

Today I watched the end of The Overlanders.  It's about a drover and his friends bringing a huge herd of cattle to Queensland from the Northern Territory.  Towards the end there are really distressing scenes about the cows not having anything to drink for three days.

Is there a message behind this thirst synchronocity? 

Or is it just random?

I don't know.

If there is a message.....

Maybe it's just a reminder that if we have access to clean drinking water, we're very least in that area of life. 


FruitCake said...

Those poor drovers. I do believe The Overlanders was based on a true story of WWII events. It also seems the script for the movie Australia was loosely based on The Overlanders.

Chips Rafferty [head stockman] was Australia's answer to John Wayne, only he didn't fight the natives in that story, they were eager to help him.

The drovers worked up a thirst. A well known advertising slogan here says "a hard earned thirst needs a big, cold beer... and the best cold beer is Vic".

There you have it... everything you need to know about Australian Culture. The outback fantasies of city dwellers; dominion over the animals; bringing civilisation to the natives; and beer.
I didn't know zombies can get thirsty.
There are so many people [and zombies?]in the world with no access to clean safe drinking water, I would say the rest of us are very blessed.

Dina said...


Zombies don't get thirsty (as far as I know). But those running from them do.

I thought about the movie "Australia" when watching The Overlanders; and wondered if it dealt with the same thing.

I've seen bits and pieces of the movie. I know it was about World War II and the attack on Darwin. And I knew there was a drover. I didn't know though if Hugh Jackman moved his cattle a long distance.