Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bad and Good

Well, the positive news is that when I came to the lake house, my mom asked about the video of me on TV.  I think she thought of it because I was carrying a cardboard box, and she thought it was a package of DVD's.  I guess she expected them to send me a DVD?  So I was pleasantly surprised that she hadn't completely forgotten about the interview.

There were no DVD's in the box, though. John Gorton the butterfly was in there. I took him to the lake house because I don't know how much life he has left. I didn't want him to be alone at our house when he he dies. I want to be with him for his last days.

And that's where the negative news of this post comes in. I think John Gorton the butterfly is reaching the end. He's always lethargic in the morning, and I think it's going to be his last day. But then he picks up in the afternoon and gets very active.

But it's 4:00 now and he's still lethargic. I put him down somewhere and check on him an hour later and he's still there.  I had him sitting on a piece of fruit for a long time. Now I put him on my leg and he's just sitting there.

Oh! Well, never mind. Maybe he was just wanting me to write a blog post about him. Because as soon as I wrote the paragraph above, he started walking on my leg and then jumped off onto the bedspread.

I really love this little guy.  

Hopefully he will live more days.

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