Monday, June 16, 2014

Don't Ask to Move There and Don't Hold Onto the Fish

I dreamed about Australia last night.

In my recent interview, I said that I dream about flying to Australia and I dream about our last days in Australia.  I don't usually dream about the middle of the trip. (I'm not sure if that was in the interview or if they cut it out?)  Anyway, of course my subconscious had to go and prove me wrong. The dream I had last night was not about the beginning or the end.  I'm glad, though. I think it's nicer to dream about the middle of a trip to Australia. I don't like the beginnings. I can't say I get overly pleased about a 14+ hour plane trip. And the end of trips are usually not bursts of joy for me.

So...this was my dream:

I'm in Australia with my whole family (nuclear plus parents siblings, nieces, nephews, etc). I start thinking we should actually all move to Australia. I think of suggesting this, but change my mind. I worry I'll annoy my family and then they won't want to even visit Australia because it will lead to me pestering them about moving there.  

And in another part: My mom and I are at animal exhibit. It's like a lazy river attraction at a water park, but you don't have rafts.  There are big colorful fish swimming by everyone. Fish keep touching me as they pass me by. I think it's really great, but then I worry they're only doing it because I'm in the wrong place. I realize I'm standing on the steps which people need to use as an entrance or exit. I figure I shouldn't be standing there.  

There's a woman who grabs onto a fish and holds it—kind of keeps it prisoner. I think this is wrong, and I sort of want to tell her not to do it. But I don't.  

I'm actually not 100% sure that fish dream took place in Australia. I'm pretty sure it did, though. And I don't think there's a way that I can prove myself wrong.  So...I'll just go with it; say it was about Australia.

When I woke up, I came up with an interpretation.  I think the fish could represent opportunities.  I think I'm the type of person who kind of just waits for good things to come to me. And sometimes when they do, I don't feel deserving of them. I feel there must be some mistake. I can't imagine the fish are approaching me because they like me.  It must be because I'm standing in the wrong place.

I think the other woman represented people who go out of their way to grab on to opportunities. They go after things. Sometimes this is good, and I admire them. Other times they use methods that I feel are dishonest or hurtful—wrong in some way. Their actions make me uncomfortable.

Speaking of touching animals, I've been feeling the Irwin spirit lately. We have snakes on our boat dock, and I love taking the walk down to the lake to see them. They're so adorable. I have an urge to cuddle them.  I won't, of course.  And I'm not totally Irwined, because I don't have much love for crocodiles. They scare me.  That being said, it IS known that there have been alligators spotted in the lake.  I'd be excited to see one...and at the same time terrified. I definitely wouldn't have an urge to cuddle it.

I was thinking about it the other day. What if I saw an alligator?  Should I really be that scared? Because they're not as aggressive as Saltwater Crocodiles. But then I thought...what if I saw an alligator and it really wasn't an alligator? What if someone had wanted to terrorize Fort Worth and they dropped a crocodile in the lake?  Yikes! 

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