Thursday, June 26, 2014

Guy Pearce, Fig Trees, and Tim Tams

I had a lot of dreams related to Australia last night. Or maybe it wasn't multiple dreams. I think I should probably say I had a dream with a lot of Australia content last night. it is.

I end up meeting Guy Pearce and we had also met way back in the past. I am pleasantly surprised he remembers me from the past and even more pleasantly surprised that he's interested in dating me. I go for it...but with mild reservations.  I worry the main reason I like him is because he's a celebrity and Australian. 

Still. He's very nice, and I enjoy his company. 

I think about telling my dad about Guy Pearce, and I'm wondering how to explain who he is. What movies should I mention to my dad?  I decide he's probably not seen Memento. And he's also probably never seen the Priscilla movie. Since my dad likes mysteries and thrillers, I'm wondering if he's seen the snow movie. But then I remember the movie has paranormal elements. My dad might not like that. But then I remind myself, it wasn't known in the movie if the paranormal elements were real or not. It was kind of left up to the viewer to decide. Maybe my dad would be okay with that. And then I start thinking, is my dad even against paranormal elements in thrillers? I actually don't know that he is, and I might be making assumptions that are wrong.

Then there was also...

A friend of mine tells me she's obsessed with Tasmania. I'm wondering how that happened, and the narcissist in me wonders if, by chance, my obsession led to her obsession.  My friend tells me she wants to go to Tasmania and pick a fig from a fig tree.

And then...

I end up seeing another video still from my interview. I'm very embarrassed, because it shows me eating. Then I remember that they gave me Tim Tams, and I ate them while on camera. I'm regretting this.  

When I woke up from the dream, I wondered how I was supposed to know Guy Pearce in the past. I sort of think it was some crazy surreal thing where we knew each other from Neighbours. It could be a reasonable thing like I was an actor on the show. And in other parts of my dream last night, I was an actor. So it makes sense.  My other theory is that he knew me from when he was an actor on the show and I was a viewer. Even though I'm a viewer in 2014 and he was an actor on the show in the 1980's. And yeah, it's also weird for actors to be aware of their viewers and to remember them. But hey this is the world of dreams. Strange things happen.

Another thing I wondered, when I woke up, is whether there are a lot of fig trees in Tasmania. I know there are ones on the mainland. But I associate apples with Tasmania. The funny thing is, I also dreamed of apple trees last night but not in association with Tasmania.

I'm now asking Lord Wiki about the Moreton Bay Fig Tree, because those are the figs I associate with Australia. He says they're in Eastern Australia from Queensland to New South Wales.  So they're not known for being in Tasmania. That's not to say Tasmania might not have a few. Or they might have other fig plants.

We have a fig plant at the lake house. If my friend wanted figs, she could have just gone there instead of flying all the way to Tasmania. Then again, maybe the dream version of the lake house doesn't have figs. And maybe the dream version of Tasmania has a ton of fig trees. 


  1. You really do not want a Moreton Bay fig in your yard, unless of course you have a couple of acres. Here's a photo of one at the Rockhampton Botanic Gardens

  2. Hi Ken,

    Yeah. I don't want a fig tree in my yard!

    Maybe you thought I meant I dream of having a Moreton Fig I wish I had one. But when I said dream, I meant those weird stories that come into your mind when you're asleep.

    Thanks for the picture!

  3. Do you know Guy Pearce has a new film called The Rover (co-starring Robert Pattinson) that received very good reviews? So want to see it but it's still no release date in Hong Kong. Very happy to see Guy still doing very good in the showbiz.

  4. June,

    Hi! It's great to see you again! I didn't Know about the movie. I'll have to look it up. I'll probably want to see it. I've had a mild crush on Guy Pearce...ever sine my dream last week.

  5. Hi Dina,

    Nice to read you dreamt of Guy!

    Guy went to the Cannes Film Festival this May to promote The Rover and he appeared on this French TV talk show. Guess who was also perform on the show. There are lots of shot of Guy watching his old pal singing.

  6. June,


    I like seeing them on Neighbours together : )

  7. June,

    I hope you're able to see the film soon!

    I don't think it's playing near me...will probably see it on video at home. Someday.

    Do you think Hong Kong will get the movie eventually?

  8. Dina,

    I guess The Rover will be showing here around Sept. It's so much joy watching Guy and Kylie together. Hope Guy can win some awards for this movie.

    Here is a funny interview with Guy singing at the end.

  9. June,

    Thank you! So fun to see him singing.

    So...did you watch Neighbours? When did you first like Guy Pearce? You are a huge fan...right?

  10. Dina,

    I am his fans since I watched him in The Adventures of Priscilla. We do not have Neighbours here but I watched a bit of it on utube.

    Here is his interview on Le Grand Journal

  11. Guy's new single STROM music video

  12. June,

    Thank you! I'm listening to the song right now. I really like it, and I think his voice is very interesting.

  13. Dina,

    I like the song too and the music video is good. Seems his album 'Broken Bones' will be released in Nov. Don't know if it will be released outside Australia but I think it's common to purchase music online now.

  14. Dina,

    Check out Guy's live singing which is quite good.

  15. June,

    His singing is lovely! Thanks so much for the link!