Tuesday, June 24, 2014

You're So Fancy. I'm So Spacey

We were driving to the grocery store.  Something on the radio sparked Tim into going on a short rant about Iraq and Afghanistan. I listened for a bit, and even participated. Then I started daydreaming. The next thing I know they're talking about Iggy.  Either Tim or Jack said they originally thought she was black. The other agreed.

Who's Iggy? I asked, assuming she was one of Jack's new Minecraft friends.

Tim said they were talking about Iggy Azalea.


He reminded me...that Australian singer. The one that sings "I'm so Fancy".

Oh! It's kind of embarrassing that I didn't know that.

So...then I asked with confusion. Well, what the hell? Why are you talking about her? How did that name come up?  One minute we're talking about Iraq and the next they're talking about Iggy Azalea.

Tim told me they were talking about her because I was singing the song.


Was I singing while daydreaming?

I tried to remember singing.

Tim said I was singing it before we got into the car. It makes sense. Tim bought two boxes of chocolate for our anniversary, one Belgium from Costco and the other cheap American chocolates from the drugstore.

I prefer the cheap American ones...sorry.  I wondered if Jack felt the same. He doesn't. He said he likes the Belgium ones, because they're more fancy. So when I heard that I probably started singing the song.

I sing sometimes and I don't realize I'm doing it.

In other news: John Gorton the butterfly is still alive. He ate this morning. Now he's sitting on a leaf I brought in from outside.  It might not have been the best idea to name him John Gorton.  It's not rolling off my tongue very well. Maybe I'll call him JG.

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