Thursday, December 11, 2014

Singing Nephews

A week or so ago, my sister sent us a video of my nephew singing a made-up song about Australia.  It was fantastic! The lyrics were pretty much along the lines of Australee-ah!, Australee-ah! I love Australee-ah.  Then there are parts about loving his family.

Yesterday we visited my sister and her three sons. We we got a live performance of the song. And let me say the song was wonderful before, but now there was a vast improvement. Because this time, my name was mentioned in the song.

Then my other nephew told me that he had learned an Australia song— something about gum trees. I was charmed, but not very impressed, assuming he meant the Kookaburra song.  I think almost every American child knows that song, so I wouldn't be too surprised and excited about my nephew knowing it. Plus, I lost some love for the song after the Men at Work fiasco.  (Though I gained some back when the song was used in a Doctor Who episode).

Okay...but no. My nephew didn't sing that. He sang "Give Me A Home Among the Gum Trees".   That impressed me a lot! It's a pretty long song, and he knew all the lyrics. It was so cute to hear him mention Vegemite.

I was a little jealous, because I'm so bad at memorizing lyrics like that.  I think I was better, though, when I was a child. Maybe it's a skill some of us lose as we grow older.

Anyway, my nephew learned the song from school. So there there might be several Texan children singing an Aussie song around their house (besides the one that caused problems for Men at Work).  I think that's quite lovely.