Friday, December 26, 2014

Dream about Returning Again and Attention from Children

I dreamed about Australia last night.

We've come back from a fourth trip to Australia. It seems it was kind of a spur of the moment thing. I had a good time, but feel a little ashamed that all we did was visit Sydney again. I tell myself it's because it was a short trip, but then I realize it really wasn't. Though we've just returned from Australia, I'm already eager to return. We're supposed to wait several years, but I don't really want to. I consider maybe entering some win-a-trip-to Australia contests.  

I am also wanting some Australia food. I have this idea that we might have hard candies left over in our pantry from our first trip (2007). I go in there to look for them.

I was going to say that dream is incredibly unrealistic. There's no way we'd have leftover candy from Australia. It gets all eaten quite quickly. Hard candy is a different story.  That often gets left behind. I think we had some British lemon sherberts lying about for many years. I think I finally threw them away. Then I think we still have a small bag of eucalyptus candy.  That's probably a year or two old. Maybe I'll look for it and eat it today.

Also last night...I dreamed this about my dad.  My dad and I sit down to eat lunch between two kids with autism. They're having a conversation. My dad doesn't like their conversation and says someone should intervene. I then go totally off on him and say his so-called intervening never helped me as a child. It didn't help me have more friends. And I say he didn't care about my well-being. He just wanted to be popular with our young friends. He likes being liked by children. I tell him I noticed this at my niece's birthday party.  

My gripes didn't really make sense, since I complained about his wish to intervene but then bitched about his lack of intervening when I was a child.  Or maybe there's a difference between intervening to bring two people closer, and intervening in a way that brings the attention to yourself.

Anyway, then this morning I was reading my old LiveJournal entries that I wrote a few days after returning from our first Australia trip.  I wrote out this long list of people we talked to and/or befriended in Australia.  For #7 on the list, I wrote, Twins at Manly Beach. These adorable little blond girls became attached to us. They were so cute. I felt bad because they had no adults with them--just a granny or nanny off in the distance. They seemed very eager to have an adult play with them....

It was funny reading that after dreaming what I dreamed about my dad.

As for real life, my dad does like being liked...whether it's by adults or children. I can't remember being bothered, though, about him not helping me with my friendships.  I also don't remember feeling that he was stealing attention away from me. Now my older sister...THAT'S a different story.  I definitely had some jealousy there.

Like my dad, I do like being liked, by both children and adults.  It doesn't happen to me, though, as often as it happens to him.  I do think for the most part I've been more concerned with children's relationship to Jack than concerned by how much they're showing adoration towards me. I think the Manly twins were an exception. And I don't remember much of it, anyway. Maybe they were giving Jack as much attention as me, and that's why I wasn't worrying about it.

Well, actually. I just reread what I wrote. I said the girls became attached to US, not me. So I think they were loving on both me and Jack. Tim might have been included as well, but I kind of remember that not being the case. I think he was busy being the photographer.


  1. Totally correct about the twins, they were all over you. I think Jack was playing with them rather than being adored by them (but maybe they were both) and I remember all of them having a really fun time with you! I was talking pictures and fascinated by the flags.

  2. Gun-bae,

    I'm glad you remember! It's nice for me to have those rare moments of popularity; and even better when someone else notices me being popular ; )