Thursday, December 4, 2014

Double Fisted Deep Thoughts About Advertisements

I've been watching an Australian show called Double the Fist.  It's a satire about reality television.

Today there was an interesting remark about advertising. One of the characters imitated someone complaining about commercials, whining about how it's corporations telling us what to think. Then he said schools do the same thing, and no one complains about that.

Actually, many people do complain about schools. But that's a different story.

I personally don't mind commercials. To me, they're another form of art. Some are quite entertaining.

That being said, we usually watch commercial free programming. But with my Hulu Australia TV adventures, I see a lot of commercials. Unfortunately, I have to see the same commercials repeatedly which is kind of a pain. But the first few times I see the commercials, I find them entertaining.

Have they influenced me to buy anything? No. Sometimes I'm not even sure what a commercial is trying to sell me. I just like the storyline and imagery.

It helps, though, to watch commercials with awareness about reality vs. probable fiction.

I was somewhat enticed by an I-Hop commercial. They're showcasing some lovely looking treats. But then I reminded myself that food often looks much better in commercials. If I went to the restaurant, I'd probably be disappointed.

Still...I do enjoy looking at the overly beautiful idealistic dessert images.

What I don't like is product placement in movies and television. That feels underhanded to me. But it will probably be happening more and more, because like me, people are choosing to watch commercial free programming.

Well, I'm going to go now and eat my salad from Costco.

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