Monday, December 15, 2014

Doctor Who on Neighbours and Other Random Stuff

Today, on my episode of Neighbours, some of the characters mentioned Doctor Who.  It was something about a guy being told he needs to get out more, and he talks about finishing with a certain Doctor and now he's moving onto Tom Baker.

Who came before Tom Baker?

Jack's coming upstairs. I'll ask him. He tends to know these things.

He also tends to walk slowly up the stairs. So maybe I'll Google instead.

He came before I Googled, read over my shoulder and said, It's John Pertwee, by the way.

Anyway, I was delighted they mentioned Doctor Who.

What else?

Dena Kaplan's sister Ariel is on Neighbours. She looks very similar to her sister.

Alan Dale is long gone from Neighbours, but we saw him on Torchwood the other day.  His role was similar to his role on Ugly Betty and Lost, and again very different from Jim Robinson of Ramsay Street.

There's a character named Paige on the show. She's trying to figure out if she likes her newly found birth parents or not. I thought the actress looked familar, and was wondering if I had seen her before. Then I realized she reminds me of a preschool teacher I worked with in the past.

I thought I had a good photo of this teacher I could share, but I don't. Too bad. I guess people will just have to take my word for it.  I do have this's me pregnant, her pregnant, and two people I don't know who are pregnant. She doesn't really look much like Paige there, though.

Paige also looks a little bit like Katie Holmes.

There's another person on Neighbours that reminds me of Kate Hudson and Anna Paquin.  I don't know her name yet.  Everyone is really new to me.  I think, in terms of names, I know only Paul Robinson and Paige.

Oh! And I know Napoleon. He's a dog.

In other news: Last night, my dreams combined the hostage situation, The Elephant Princess,  and Torchwood.   I escaped two young ISIS woman by strangling one, putting her in my pocket, and running. I talked to John Barrowman about Disneyland. I mourned the loss of my magic button and wondered if it was possible for me to do magic without the button. I tested my powers out by trying to make a kangaroo appear.  And there were other things.....

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