Monday, March 23, 2015

Right Now I Like Coronation Street More Than Neighbours

I dreamed about Coronation Street last night.

I walk around a neighborhood and see an actor from Coronation Street. (Don't know his name or the name of his character). Then I see the actress who plays Faye. The idea is that all the actors from Coronation Street live together in this one themselves. They're mixed in with other people who are not Coronation Street cast members.

Later, when I'm away from the street, I decide I should tell fans of Coronation Street that they should come to Melbourne. It's so fun to walk around and see the actors.  But then I decide I have it wrong. It's not Melbourne. Coronation Street takes place in Sydney. I soon realize that's wrong as well.

I can't remember exactly happened next, but I think I came to remember that Coronation Street takes place in England, not Australia.


As far as soap operas go, right now I'm preferring the British one over the Aussie one.  I was really loving Neighbours, but now I'm getting bored by it. I'm not going to quit watching it. I'll just hope it returns to being interesting to me.

I'm too annoyed by it right now. I find Daniel to be really exasperating and unappealing. I'm bored by his relationship with Amber. I don't like the storyline between Karl, Lou, and the erotica book. I'm so tired of Matt's moodiness with Lauren about her maybe preferring Brad. I'm very bored with the whole storyline of the mystery woman who is after Paul's money.

I guess there are things I do like, though. I'm kind of into the storyline about Josh punching Chris on Neighbours. I'm touched by his regret, and his desire to make amends.

And...maybe my favorite storyline right now is the one between Bailey and his Space Camp sort-of girlfriend.

I really like Naomi, but she's left for Hawaii. I'm hoping she's taking a break from Ramsey Street and hasn't permanently left it.

It's not all bad, I suppose.

Still. I'm not into it the way I'm into Coronation Street. With that show, I'm pretty much obsessed. My favorite storylines are the ones involving Gail and her family; The Kirsty-Tyrone-Fiz drama; and the Faye and her dad stuff.

Who knows, though. In a few weeks, the storylines on Coronation Street might start to bore me and I'll prefer Neighbours.

In other TV news, I finished watching the second season of The Secret Life of Us yesterday. I had some tears about temporarily saying good-bye and moving onto something else.  That leads me to another example of my opinion of a TV show changing.  I didn't really get into the Secret Life of Us when I watched the first season. I liked it, but not as much as I expected from what I had heard about it.  I found it mildly interesting, but had no real emotional attachment. But with the second season, I felt much more attached and interested.

As for American TV, we started watching the second semester of Walking Dead season 5. I pretty much just watch it to make fun of it. Then I feel mean.

I did really like the Emily-Kinney-singing-to-Tyreese part. I've had "The Struggling Man" song floating in my head all day.  But no. I need to be nicer to that show when I watch it. It's not all bad or funny—just kind of odd about the whole black man thing.  Plus, the zombies and the zombie-special effects don't really thrill me anymore.