Friday, March 6, 2015

Visiting TV

Today I told Jack that I was sort of thinking I might want to go to Melbourne again. The two shows I'm watching take place there (Neighbours and The Secret Life of Us).  But then I questioned all that. I decided maybe it was better to visit a place and THEN see it on the television.

I have fun seeing St. Kilda on The Secret Life of Us, and recognizing certain sites. For example, on my episode today, Alex and Gabrielle went fishing on the jetty. We've been on the same jetty. So that's pretty cool.

But what would happen if we went to visit Ramsey street or went to Palm Beach to see Home and Away land? I'd probably end up disappointed.  If I went on Ramsey street, I'd want to see Naomi and Imogen. I'd want to see Kyle and Georgia walking Bossy. And Paul Robinson! It would be horrible to go on Ramsey street and not see him. I'd walk away feeling empty. I mean not just about Paul Robinson, but everything.

In the same way, I'd probably be disappointed if I returned to St. Kilda. I'd want to hang out with Kelly, Gabrielle, and Alex. It would be sad to be there without them.

That being said....I'm not going to AVOID places where my TV shows have taken place. Then it might become hard to travel. I'm just not going to seek them out.