Thursday, December 7, 2017

Good Jews

Every Jew probably has their own idea of what makes a Jew a good Jew vs a bad Jew.

Well...I'm not saying we explicitly decide this and then write it down somewhere.

Many of us probably don't think about it much.

But if we were asked, I bet we could come up with an opinion.

I came up with my opinion this week.  No one asked me, actually. I just thought of it.


To me, it's not whether you celebrate the Sabbath or not.

It's not whether you believe in God or are an atheist.

It's not whether you have a living room sans Christmas tree and avoid having Christmas lights.

It's not whether you marry a Jew or marry outside the religion.

It's not whether you were born Jewish or converted.

It's not whether you love Gefilte Fish or want to scream when you just glance at the jar.

It's not whether you spell the Chanukah with or without the c in the beginning.

It's not whether you fast on Yom Kippur or not.

For comes down to one thing.

When a Jewish person says something like Not Again when referring to the Holocaust, are they saying we must not let Jews be hurt again, or are they saying, We must not let bad things happen to anyone...whether they are Jewish or not.

If Jewish person cares only about Jews not experiencing mistreatment and genocide, to me, they are bad Jews.

If a Jewish person doesn't care what happens to Muslims, Mexicans, black people, gay people, sick people, transgender people, me, they are bad Jews.

If someone accepts and/or tolerates all the shit that Trump is doing to people, because they see him as being a friend to Israel, I think of that person as a bad Jew.

Now I'm not saying I necessarily think these bad Jews are bad people.  They might be good people in other ways.  I'm just saying that for me personally, they fail the good Jew test.

AND...on the other side.  There are probably plenty of people I'd label as being good Jews, but they're really shitty in other ways.