Thursday, December 28, 2017

Reading The Guardian this Morning

I get emails from The Guardian. Each day I glance through and read the articles and editorials that interest me.

This morning I started with this article.  It's about Trump's effect on foreign policy. The general idea I got is we're in a lot of shit, and there's a fair chance that there's going to be a nuclear war in the next coming years.  But if that doesn't happen, we can count on climate change killing a lot of us.

Then I read this article which is kind of a feel-good story about technology advancements. It includes artificial kidneys in which people don't have to endure dialysis or wait for transplants; e-readers for blind people; and flying wind turbines that can provide power for up to 300 homes.

Reading the article made me have a glimmer of hope, but then the hope quickly faded away. How can we enjoy these advance if we're dead?

Well, I guess the people who survive the nuclear attacks, giant hurricanes, pandemics, etc. might get to enjoy the excitements and promises of the future.

Every generation has probably dealt with this—balancing the fear of what evil, racist, violent, greedy, ignorant, and narcissistic people will do to us with the hope of what brilliant and innovative people will gift to us.