Sunday, December 31, 2017

TV Shows and Movies I Watched in 2017

As I said in my last post, fiction plays a huge part in my life. To honor the love I have for TV shows and movies, I've decided to make a list of what I watched in 2017.  I'm going to try and divide it by geography, because I feel that engaging in fiction is a fantastic (and relatively cheap) way to travel.

Someone reading this might be saying, Well what about books?  

I've been a bookworm all my life, but sadly this year, I hit a bit of a...what's the word?  Lag? Bad luck? I think I read much less than I usually do.  Now things are better because I'm taking the safe route and rereading something I already love (The Dark Tower series and related books).  With that I've spent time in NYC, Arizona, Las Vegas, Maine, California, other places around the USA, the Territories, and whatever world the Gunslinger is from. Shit. I don't know. 

I also spent some time in Japan and another alternate universe via Haruki Murakami. 

I read maybe a few other books. I don't think they left much of an impression on me.

Now onto the TV shows and movies...mostly TV shows, because I'm not a huge movie fan anymore. I don't often watch them.  

Note: For TV shows, I watch one season at a time.  If I remember what seasons I watched this year, I'll mark it down. 

Second Note: Shows I loved are colored blue. Shows I didn't like are colored red. 


Suicide Theory
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (Season 1) 
The Kettering Incident
H20-Just Add Water (season 1) 
Redfern Now
Holding the Man 
Nature's Grave
The Eye of the Storm 
Better Man 
Packed to the Rafters (Season 5) 
Offspring (Season 6) 
City Homicide (Season 3 and am now watching season 4) 
All Saints (Season 2 and 3) 
Rake (Season 3) 
Deep Water 


Speechless (Season 1 and part of season 2)
Sneaky Pete 
The Good Place (season 1 and part of season 2)
Bloodline (Season 2) 
Bates Motel (season 4?)
The Mindy Project 
House (Season 4, and slowly making my way through season 5) 
This is Us (Season 1 and part of season 2)
Wet Hot American Summer 
Hannibal Yes. I loved the first season and part of the second season. Then.....
Gravity Falls
American Crime Story 
Modern Family 
The Arrival 
Big Little Lies 
12 Monkeys 
Devious Maids 
Grey's Anatomy (Season 1) 
My So-Called Life
Zoo We didn't mind it at first.
Master of None
Sense 8 (Season 1 and 2) (putting it here, though, it takes place in many countries) 
The Office (Seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4) 
John Dies at the End
Walking Dead
Dead Like Me 
Lost (Season 1) (Sometimes Merica) By the way, got pulled into an Instagram drama that made me lose a lot of love for the show. Kind of a sad bit of my 2017. 
Midnight Texas
The Originals 
Stranger Things 2 The first season was my La La Land, but I really loved the second season. 
Will and Grace  
The Good Doctor 
The Exorcist (season 2)
Underground (Season 1) 


The Vicar of Dibley (Season 1)  
Criminal Justice (Season 2)
Coronation Street
Miranda (Season 1) 
The Syndicate (Season 2) 
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 
Fresh Meat 
The IT Crowd 
Stella (Season 3?)
The Thick of It
Dead Set 
Black Mirror-In the midst of watching that now. 


Little Mosque (Season 2) 
Being Erica (Season 1) 
Degrassi Next Class 
Heartland (Season 1, and watching season 2 now) 


Naruto (season 1)
Tokyo Ghoul (Season 1) 
Blue Exorcist (Season 1) I'm realizing that Anime and I are not a good match.


Game of Thrones (Season 7)
The Shannara Chronicles 


Srugim (Season 1 and 2)


Fear the Walking Dead (Season 2) 


Mr. Nobody (multiple locations, really) 


Paris J'Taime 


Look Who's Back


Beyond the Hills 

Yet another note: It was easy to mark things red, but not so easy to mark things blue.  There's a lot of things I'm unsure about.  For example, every Canadian show would be maybe blue, but probably less blue  than my blues from other countries. And I didn't want to mark EVERYTHING blue in Canada. So I marked down nothing blue.  I'm not sure if that makes any sense.  

Happy New Year!!