Saturday, May 19, 2018

There's a Wedding Today

The other day I was blabbing on and onto Tim about the British royal family.

I can't remember exactly what I said.

I think it was along the lines of, though I'm not super knowledgable and obsessed with the royal family like some people; I do like the whole concept. 

I can't explain why really.

I just like it.

Most of it probably comes from watching The Crown, and also, a few years ago, I was a bit obsessed with The King's Speech.


I had no idea the wedding was today.

I knew there was a wedding coming up...sometime in the next year or so. 

I knew Harry was marrying an American actress who's half African-American. All that is very wonderful and exciting to me. 

If there's a spectrum of liking the Royal Family with red being a super fan and purple hating them; I'd put myself at around yellow.

If there's a spectrum of being knowledgeable about the Royal Family, I'm probably between blue and green. 

I do follow Royal Family Instagram accounts. I started that after watching The Crown. But I don't often carefully read the caption. I think I just look at the photos and think, Queen Elizabeth is so adorable! 

Also I don't often read Royal Family articles that I see in my newsfeed. If I did, I might have known the wedding was today.

I DO know that the new baby is named Louis. I caught that. Though there was a time that the princess gave birth and I had no idea she was pregnant. I think that was with Charlotte.

I think Charlotte is adorable.

Another thing I know is that the young future king goes to a school that doesn't allow best friends.  I think I read through that article, because I used to be a preschool teacher. So that particularly interested me.