Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Flag of Victoria

This weekend we visited Austin, Texas.

While we were there, we came across this gas station with a convenience store that had a display of international flags.  We looked around for an Australian flag and found one that fit the bill but not quite.  It had the Union Jack and the Southern Cross, but it also had a little crown.

What in the world.....

Then I remembered the state flags. I figured maybe that's what we had seen.

We Googled when we got home. My first guess was that it was the Queensland flag, but that came up negative. Next we tried Victoria. That was a match.  

I thought it was random and interesting that an establishment in Austin Texas had a Victoria, Australia flag.  I wonder why. 

Where did they get all their flags in the first place?  Did they order them?  Collect them through the years?  Maybe people donate them?  

We were going to eat an Aussie-inspired restaurant in Austin called Boomerang Pies, but unfortunately they were closed.  It's not too huge of a loss though, because they sell the pies at one of our local grocery stores.

Then Austin also has one of those annoying restaurants that claim to be Australian, but there's not much Aussie-vibe there. Now I'm just going by the menu.  Maybe the restaurant itself had a great amount of Australian spirit.   

The hamburgers, though?  No beetroot.  To me, that says you're failing at being an Australian restaurant.  
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  1. How intriguing is that? Did they have the other 5 State Flags?
    Of course I would believe anything about a
    I'm in Victoria and don't have one and would not know where to start looking for our state flag. I do know our State flower is Pink Heath (it grows by the roadside) but I also know that TX is the bluebonnet and Lady Bird Johnson started the highways planting project.

  2. Sir Marshal Stacks,

    I think you know more about Texas than I do! Although I probably did know about the bluebonnets.

    I don't think the store had other state flags, but I'm not entirely positive. We saw the store...I think while at a light...so we could only look while the light was red. Or maybe traffic was light enough that we could drive by somewhat slow. But there wasn't enough time to give a good look at all the flags.

    Well, I do know there weren't 5 or more Australia-related flags, but there could have been one or two others maybe? We could have gone by too fast for me to use my brain enough to recognize them?