Friday, April 18, 2014

Flickr Stats

I like looking at my stats on Flickr.

Well, honestly I looking at stats...period.

That might be one of the main reasons I have blogs and other things. I like counting the visits.

Anyway, in the past two days, this video of mine has had 8 views. No, that's not a lot. But in the last year, before yesterday, it had only 15 views. So, that's quite a jump.

The video's from The Rocks in Sydney. What's funny is I think we were planning to buy a lot of licorice. But then the generous salesman gave us so many free samples, we were kind of tired of the licorice and less interested in buying a lot. We still bought something, but not as much as we originally planned.

Anyway....I was thinking it might be fun to look at my post popular Australia-related photos/videos.

The most popular is this one at 229 views.

  That's Jack at the lake house pool, not in Australia. But he's riding on an Aussie thong raft given to us by a fellow blogger.

By the way, I've just realized you can embed photos directly from Flickr rather than then uploading them onto Blogger from a file. I'm not sure if this is a new feature on Flickr, or I was just too blind to notice it before.

Fairy Bread  This was taken at a friend's birthday party, in Sydney, during our 2009 trip to Australia. It's gotten 99 views.

 This one (59 views) was taken at our house. It's food we ordered from Simply Australian.

 Here's Jack at the Powerhouse Museum, in 2009. That has 51 views.

You know I'm seeing that our Australian-related photos aren't very popular. We've gotten much more views of our Disney World photos. Maybe Flickr viewers are more likely to be Disney fans than Australia fans.

I just searched to find the most popular photo/video from our 2013 trip to Australia.

It's this one....

   I'm pretty sure that's from ACMI in Federation Square. I think it's Sally's doll from Home and Away.  It's fitting that my most popular photo from that trip is Home and Away related since most of my Aussie love, these days, is directed at Home and Away.  I don't think I was so in love with the show back then, though, because if I were, I would have insisted we visit Palm Beach.

Well, no. Actually, that's not true. We went to Atlanta in December, and I was obsessed with The Walking Dead. Yet we didn't visit Senoia.

I would have wanted to go to Palm Beach, but then I would have probably gotten lazy about it.

You I'm wondering if that doll at the museum IS Sally's doll. Maybe it was from Play School.  I've been googling for the last five minutes, and can't find an answer.

I should probably get better at labeling my photos.  


  1. I watched the Australian visit videos last year. I will watch The Rocks one when the tv is not on. I was speaking to an elderly friend recently who was telling me of two male friends (partners) of his who I don't know and they own the Halls Gap place where I believe you stayed.

  2. Andrew,

    That would be cool if they owned it. I thought the owner was female, but I could be remembering wrong. I don't think we ever spoke to the owner on the phone...just emailed probably.