Thursday, July 24, 2008


Sometimes I get jealous of the Aussie bloggers and the expat bloggers.   Well, because I'm guessing that MAYBE it's easier to come up with Australian-related post ideas when you're actually IN Australia.

I feel for the most part I'm stuck writing about a past holiday and episodes of McLeod's Daughters.

The ironic thing is when I'm actually IN Australia, I won't be able to post everyday.   In some places, the Internet is too expensive.   And I'm not going to visit an Internet cafe every morning.


I was thinking.   Why not take a break from writing about our PAST trip and write about the future one instead.

So, here it is.  

We're arriving in February on the 3rd and leaving March 6.

We're going to spend the first few days in Sydney.   Then we're going to drive somewhere in the Snowy Mountains.   I saw some farmstay place where you can sleep outside.   We might do that.  Then we can totally play McLeod's Daughters.

We're going to drive Canberra--go to the museums and zoo.   

At some point, we're going to fly to Tasmania to visit my Livejournal friend.   We'll do that either before Snowy Mountains or after.

Then we're going to spend a week in Manly and two weeks in Sydney.

I know some people will think we're wasting our time spending so much time in Sydney and not hopping around Australia.   But I love Sydney so much.

Plus, with the whole fuel issues.....I feel better not flying and driving around too much.

We haven't planned yet what we're going to do in Sydney.

I sort of just like hanging out.   Picnics in Hyde Park.   Playgrounds.   Daily trips to the aquarium and Wildlife World.   The Zoo.   Bonding with the cousins and new/old friends.    Maybe we'll all risk our lives at Luna Park again.  

We never did a harbor tour.   I was cheap and said the ferry is good enough.  But maybe this time we'll try it.   I've seen pictures of people swimming in the harbor (brother-in-law and a Facebook friend).  I really want to do that.  

Tim is scuba certified now, so he wants to go diving.   I think that'll be great for him.   He'll probably find something around Sydney.

I don't know what crazy and daring things I'll do.   Maybe the bridge climb again?   Or maybe I'll do the Sydney Tower climb.   Probably not.  I'm not as attracted to the tower. 

Oh!!   I know what I really wanted to do.   I just remembered.    I wanted to do a huge walk--maybe from the north of the bridge all the way to Double Bay.    That would be exciting.

As for the next holiday AFTER that--probably in 2010 or later, I have two ideas.


a) Great Barrier Reef and Uluru.


b) take the Indian Pacific train from Sydney to Perth and stop at Adelaide.   (or take a plane--depending on how much time we have).

I would love to spend some time in Western Australia.  Jack of course wants to go to South Australia because that's where his McLeod's Daughters are.

Okay, honestly I'm not super excited to go to GBR and Uluru.  I think in some ways it's more of an obligation.    I'll have to sort all that out.   Am I going because I want to go or am I going because I feel we should go?  

It's also up to Tim--if he wants to go.   I'm open to the idea.   I'm probably more interested in Uluru than GBR.   I'm not big into coral and fish.    Tim might want to go though since he's now a REAL scuba diver person.     I mean it would be a bit embarrassing if he went to a scuba support group and told the other members he's been to Australia three times and has never done the Great Barrier Reef.