Sunday, July 13, 2008

And The Green Grass Grew All Around

Lately, I've been accused of being one of those humans who are never satisfied.  I search for happiness and am never happy because I'm too busy searching.

The accusation is both right and wrong.

I am NEVER satisfied. Very true.

But I am happy. I have many happy moments in my life. I even have some SUPER happy moments.

I count my blessings.

I think in terms of the grass-is-greener issue, people can be divided into three types.

1.  The Grass is totally fine and we have the best grass.   With these people, they see very little need for change.  Things are fine the way they are.  Their country is the best.  The government is fine.  The world is fine.  They go about their happy lives having fun and not worrying all that much   All is okay.  Life is great! For a great example of this type of thinking, read this essay NOT written by Jay Leno

2. The Grass is great until I step foot on it. With these people, they are rarely satisfied. If I was like this, I'd insist on moving to Australia.  But once I got to Sydney, I'd realize this is not the place.   We need to try Melbourne.  Oops, not good either.  Let's go over to New Zealand.

I mean I think it's fine to go from place to place because you like variety and don't want to stay in one place for long.  (this is actually my aspiration for later years)  But it's another thing all together to keep having high expectations and then leaving because your expectations aren't meant.   Although, who knows?   Maybe that person really DOES just have one specific happy place and they're having a hard time finding it. It could happen.  

3. The grass is lovely, but some parts are dying and need to be fixed. Also, I'd like to try some new breeds of grass.   This is where I'm at. I am happy, but critical. I have a mixture of idealism and realism.  I see how things are but also see how they could be better.   I see problems in our world and try to imagine ways we could fix them.

I am happy with my life, but I want more.  I'm like Belle in Beauty and the Beast.    

I want adventure in the great wide somewhere
I want it more than I can tell
And for once it might be grand
to have someone understand
I want so much more than they've got planned

I often feel like a Disney Princess--although I'd need to lose about thirty pounds to LOOK like one.

I feel like Belle or naughty little Ariel.   

I'm grateful.  I'm happy.

But I want more.

I want more for myself.

I want more for the world.

I want more for my country.

I want more for my marriage.

I want more for my family.

If my wish to move to Australia, comes true, will that be the end to all this wanting?   Will I have my happily-ever-after?  Will I finally be at peace?

Hell no!

Hopefully, I'll love Australia and be satisfied with THAT.   But I'll come up with new dreams that need to be fulfilled.  Maybe I'll go back to wanting to get a book published.  Maybe I'll decide I want to be a zoologist. Maybe I'll decide that I want to visit every single rural town in Australia. Maybe I'll decide I want to create new weird cross-breeds of dogs.   

Who knows what it will be, but there will have to be SOMETHING!

I'll always want more, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the grass in my own backyard.


  1. I really loved reading this post. Good on you for turning something someone has said that could have been taken as negative and turn it into positive. Wish more people were like you

  2. I am glad there is just one of you.

    I think I am a "the grass is just what it is, and I can't change it" type.

    I will see it is green sometimes, brown sometimes, and other times I notice it hasn't changed it is just that I was looking at it from inside the house.

    When I actually go out there and stand in it, I see it is healthy and alive, and growing, and natural and some bits are dying, but others are growing.

  3. Tribog,

    Stop showing off with your positive and accepting attitude.

    You live in Australia which has the best grass, okay?

    That's like totally cheating in this grass game.

    Let's trade homes and we'll see who is trying to plant new grass.

    You're the second person in Australia that I've made that offer to today.

    I'm just all into the home-exchange idea today.