Friday, July 25, 2008

The Black Swan Incident

I recently told this story to my friend via email, and I've decided to write about it in my blog.


So I have something besides McLeod's Daughters to write about.

I think I told it on Livejournal, so you LJ people might remember. Act dumb and pretend you don't. All right? No wait. If you do that, I'll think I'm not important to you and that you never ever paid attention to what I was saying. So, if you're from Livejournal....lie and pretend you totally remember me telling you this.


Here's the story.

On January 21, I was all into reading Aussie websites. One of the websites I read everyday was this collection of Dreamtime stories. Before getting to that site, I was looking elsewhere. Probably trying to figure out Aussie politics or something.

Jack was in the room with me looking at a website about animals. He called out to tell me that Black Swans were from Australia.

I guess I didn't know that back then; so I looked them up on my own computer. I didn't just learn about the animal but found out that there's something called a Black Swan Event. This is a total shocking unexpected event. An example they gave was 9/11.

I thought that was quite interesting.

Then I went to the Dreamtime website. Guess what the next story on my list happened to be about. If you guessed,'re wrong.

It was Black Swans.

My little something-is-weird antennae went up. See, I'm really into this thing called synchronicity. It's a huge part of my spirituality. What it's about is paying attention to the coincidences in your life, with the idea being that coincidences have meaning. It's kind of like a message from the universe.

I have about 300 photos saved on my computer. I use them as my desktop picture and have it programmed that every three minutes a new picture appears.

Well, soon after the black swan thingie, the picture on the desktop changed to the Tower Tarot Card. The meaning of this card is the same as the Black Swan. It's about something shocking
and unexpected happening.

I was a little nervous, but with these type of things, I'm usually nervous for a few minutes and then forget about it.

The next day I went to my friend's house ,and when I got home, I got one of those CNN headline news emails. I opened it and it said Heath Ledger died. I was completely shocked. I felt like someone had punched me in the face. Granted it's not as big an event as September 11. But was shocking and sad.

I never really paid Ledger much attention and the only movie I ever had seen with him was The Patriot.

I don't know why his death affected me, but I cried a lot. It was probably because he was Australian and I have that whole Australian obsession thing. I don't know. Maybe I just associate him with Australia and so when I read Heath Ledger died, I read it as Australia Died.

Who the hell knows? Well, if someone actually does, they should tell me.

The other thing kind of weird about the black swan is Heath Ledger was from Western Australia and the Black Swan is on their flag.

To make this story even weirder.....when I started writing this post on my blog, the desktop picture changed to a photo of Heath Ledger. A scene from Ten Things I Hate About You--which I did end up seeing, by the way. And there I developed my first crush on a dead person.

I stood there thinking. You're too young for me. You're super famous. And you're dead. This relationship will probably not work.

Seriously though, he seemed like a cool guy and I'm sorry he died. I didn't know him. I barely knew OF him, but for some strange reason I miss him.


  1. I wasn't a big fan of his but I was sorry to hear of his death; he was too young and it's just such a waste.
    Yep, I'm a big believer in synchronicity, too. Those type of things are like the universe trying to give you a message.

  2. Jayne,

    Jack and I were just looking at FB's blog together. Jack watched the National Geographic video 3 times.

    His blog is amazing. I'm very impressed and Jack was too.

    You have a wonderful son.

    Well....we both do ; )

  3. I'm a believer too-- pay attention to the signs, the signs are your friends.

    Incidentally, the word verification gods must have seen my comment and now are giving me the easy ones.