Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Life Lessons in Aussie Films. Part II


This is my first blog entry sequel.  



In college, my roommate posted a Eric Hoffer quote on the refrigerator.  "People Who Bite the Hand that Feeds them, usually lick the boot that kicks them."

I love that quote.   The main reason because it is so true and meaningful; but also because it reminds me of that awesome miniseries V.    There was this scene where the aliens made Daniel (the human who liked to kiss Alien ass) lick their boots.  Oh wait.  No.  Maybe Daniel was the bad guy and he made someone else lick HIS boots.

I can't remember.  I'm confused.

But anyway, this is about Muriel's Wedding.  Not V.

Did they have V in Australia?   I wonder if any Aussie actors were in it?

Oh no.  Now I can't get V out of my mind.

All right.   I need to get back on track!!!

Muriel's Wedding is about one young woman's quest for popularity and marriage.   And I'll just say she licks boots and bites hands.   I don't want to say more, because then I might be turning this into a spoiler post.

I deal with the biting hands and licking boots issue quite often.   Well, because I'm a human and I live on Earth.

I'm getting better at NOT biting the hand that feeds me.   Although this is hard at times because, sometimes (figuratively speaking) the hand feeds me poison.    This is a huge issue I'm dealing with now; and I just finished reading a book that put me somewhat at peace.   The book talks about how it is okay to have mixed feelings about people.   We can (at the exact same time) be angry at them and grateful for them.  We can thank them for the good they give us, but this doesn't mean we have to forgive them for the crap they have given us.

So....I'm learning not to bite--at least when they're feeding me something yummy and nutritious.  (again, I'm being SYMBOLIC here....although real food is appreciated as well)

As for not licking the boots that kick me.....Well, I wish I can say I've gotten better at this.   But I haven't.   

I promise that I'm not one of those people who prefer to be with people who treat me like crap. I swear on the future graves of the cast of V, that I prefer people who treat me well.   Really!

I think what happens is I get it into my head that someone is worth my time and attention.   I don't know.  Maybe I think they're cool.   Or I imagine we make a great match.   I imagine this great friendship with them.   I become attached to them--or at least the idea of them,  And then they treat me like crap and I let them.  I tell myself to let them go.   Let MYSELF go.   But I don't follow my own damn advice.  

I get into that awful cycle.   I jump when they need me.   Well, because I long for any type of attention from them.   And I repeatedly forgive them for not being there for me or for being cold and rude to me.

Why do we do these things to ourselves?

Why?   Why?   Why?

And that's why I love Muriel's Wedding.   Well, because the main character is all messed up like me.  

Will she learn her lesson?   I'm not telling.   Go see the movie.   Will I learn MY lesson?

I hope so!!

Don't lick her boots.  She's very bad!