Sunday, July 20, 2008

Something Jack and I Have in Common

I'm obsessed with Australia.   It's not my first obsession and it won't be my last.

Jack's like me.  He has always had obsessions.  Some of them are long-lasting and intense, and others last for just a few weeks.


Jo Jo Circus
Miss Spider
The Magic School Bus
The Simpsons
Bindi the Jungle Girl
Star Wars.

A few months ago, he got into Mario Brothers.  

It's always a little sad for me when he leaves an obsession behind.  Well, because sometimes I miss it!   
But it's also exciting to think about what his NEXT obsession will be.   I thought about that during his current Mario obsession and even mentioned it to him.  Jack, what do you think your next obsession will be?

He predicted Harry Potter and I was excited about that.

I joked a few times that it could end up being McLeod's Daughters.

Well, guess what.   My joke came true.

He even admitted it the other day.   He told me he had a new obsession.  McLeod's Daughters.  He still likes Mario though.   But the Mario thing is fading a bit.

He talks about the show frequently and he has me play McLeod's Daughters with him.   In today's Jack-invented episode, poor Jodi lost all her limbs to a shark.  Fortunately, she was able to get artificial replacements.   Tess had some horrible disease and was dying.  The only thing that could save her was holding an American dollar coin.   Unfortunately, someone kept grabbing it from her and she had a relapse.

Jack is VERY talented with memorization skills.   He has practically memorized the title of each McLeod's Daughters episode of season One.   He'll say things like "Mommy, did you like episode 7?"

I'm then totally lost and confused.

"What?  Which one is that?"

And he'll know the title and what happened in it.

I'm trying to help him realize that not everyone has his kind of memory.

Besides acting out his made-up scenes from the show, Jack also likes to make up stories.  He calls it MY McLeod's Daughters.  In his version, Claire and Becky are driving in a car and they hit a tree.  Claire is dying.  She says to Becky: Avenge my death!

Revenge on the poor innocent tree?

I have no idea where he gets this stuff!

Right now as I write this, he's sending me emails which he pretends are written by characters in the show.   Great writing practice.

I did finally ask him directly what he liked about the show.

Jack, do you like all the animals or the pretty women?

He looked at me like I had asked the most ridiculous question and quickly said.  The pretty women.