Monday, July 28, 2008

Where Have All The Hot Italian Men Gone?

Here is a synopsis of what happened yesterday on Jack's version of McLeod's Daughters. (actually it happened today, but I'm posting this tomorrow so it will then be yesterday)

Tess returns from her city cafe to Drovers Run.

Jodi greets her and then says. I wish I could go to the city. This might be because the only gift Tess brought back for greedy Jodi was a cup of coffee. And I'm thinking that coffee was a cold cup of coffee by the time Tess returned to Drovers Run.

Tess invites Jodi on a little holiday. They take a van to Adelaide with Claire as the very quiet driver.

They go to the cafe. Jodi stays in the van (well, because I was playing the part of Jodi and was too lazy to get my butt off the bed).

Tess brings Jodi all kinds of gifts; a shirt with her name on it, A 2008 Calendar, photographs of Alberto (taking at the Adelaide airport before he flew back to Italy), a drawing made my Alberto. And....last but not least: An Alberto Robot!

Jodi has some fun with all her gifts.

Then the real live Alberto arrives. Reunited with her true love at last! (sigh)

But unfortunately, Alberto has been stabbed in the leg. Tragically he dies!

If that wasn't bad enough, Tess (or Jack the narrator) comes over to Jodi and says ALL the hot guys in Italy are dead. AND....all the hot guys around Drovers Run are dead too. No more hot guys anywhere!

The only man left is the evil Brian...risen from the lead-infected swamp.


Jodi screams. No! No! No!

Then Tess comes over and says it was all a dream.

One day, I'll have to explain to Jack that the whole just-a-dream thing is not looked fondly upon in filmmaking and writing circles. It's a total cop-out! But how do you explain that to a six-year-old without sounding like a mean mother?

I guess one day he'll figure it out.

In other Aussie news......

Jack signed on to Facebook and started crying about me not being there anymore. I felt bad so I reactivated my account. Please don't hate me but I deleted all my old friends. The only person on my list is Jack. It will just be something between the two of us.

I don't want to get sucked back into Facebook Hell.

BUT.....I checked out the Australian gift application I had made. Holy crap. I've never done anything that successful. It has 21,000 fans now and all these messages. When I left (less than 2 months ago) it had about twenty fans. What happened?

I might go back to playing the Traveler IQ game.



  1. LOL
    Sounds like fun was had...except for all the dead hot guys :P

  2. I don't remember being that creative when I was six.

    Thank goodness it was all a dream, what would Drovers be without HOT guys?

    Isn't Jodi just the brattiest thing ever? Stick with the series, she starts to grow out of it and becomes one of my favorites. (but not until season 5 or 6)

  3. Jayne: Well maybe we can all have some hot sexy zombie action.

    Darcy: I don't remember much about being six, but I doubt I was as creative as Jack. He has such an imagination. The other day he was going on and on about this story of people who are magic. I was half-listening and half getting ready for bed.

    The next day he started telling me more of the story and I actually gave him my full attention. I was amazed because he included characters he had made up the day before. The story was very elaborate.

    I'm already starting to like Jodi. I think she's a typical teen--kind of self-centered. But I felt so bad for her when her dad left her and went to Queensland alone.

  4. howdy partner. tv has taught me that this is the correct way to address texans...
    i'm from south australia and whilst i haven't yet had the chance to read all of your posts, i read one where you were stuck for aussie blog topics. i suggest you investigate the phenonmenon of australia day (january 26). i won't ruin it for you - google away! i understand that you are a vegetarian, but if i were you i would still start my research with searching for "sam+kekovitch+australia+day". australia day is my favourite day of the year! just remember that sam kekovitch commercials are tongue in cheek and not a real indication of an aussie point of view.

  5. Dear Mr. Anonymous,

    I'll watch the videos.

    The funny thing is the post I wrote for tomorrow talks about Australia Day.

  6. haha i love it! Jack has a great imagination.... is mcleods wasnt over he could have had a very promosing career as one of their script writers!

  7. Boy, I just have no idea what in the world you are talking about in all these posts about this tv show-- it really kind of sucks.

  8. Laura,

    The 8th season is on now if you want to start at the end--it's on Wednesday nights......