Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Australia Trip Plan D

So....I've changed our plans again.

It's kind of sad that I'm busying myself with planning the Australia trip, when we have London coming up much sooner. But what can I say. That's me.

Originally I had us going to four states: NSW, Victoria, South Australia, and Western Australia. Then I decided to change Western Australia to Tasmania. Now I've decided to increase our time in Victoria, and subtract Tasmania.

This is our current plan:

Six Nights in Sydney-The most important thing here is seeing friends and our sort-of Australian cousins. We'll probably visit some of our old faves, and go to the places we didn't manage to go to before. Maybe we'll do one of the beaches we haven't done before.

I'm thinking of maybe doing a bus tour. Maybe Hunter Valley? Jack and I don't drink wine, but we can watch Tim get drunk. I'm sure there'll be lovely stuff for nondrinkers as well.

Eight Nights in Melbourne (like Chanukah!) I'm hoping our friends will meet us there. That'll be awesome. We'll probably visit zoos, museums, parks, etc.

I think we'll do a bus tour of The Great Ocean Road. I'm way too scared to be driving on that thing. I'm already researching tour companies, and this Go West one looks good to me.

Two Nights in Ballarat We'll go here on the way to Adelaide. We'll see the historical gold-mining stuff, and visit friends.

Two Nights in Horsham Another stop on the way to Adelaide. That's another one of my changes to the plans. I had us getting to Adelaide in about two days. Now we're taking about double the time. I think it will be nice because it will give us a chance to see and experience more of Victoria.

Three Nights in Adelaide I'm not quite sure what we're going to do there. I have to do more research. All I remember off the top of my head is the Central Market thing.

One Night in Gawler McLeod's Daughter's Land!

Two Nights in Broken Hill We can pretend we're in Wake in Fright land.

One night in Burra. I don't know much about this place. Right now it's kind of just a place to break up the drive. I'll do more research later.
Then we'll drive back to Adelaide, fly to Sydney, and then fly back to Texas.

P.S-So....I'm wondering. Is Julia Gillard going to become Prime Minister today? I'm still confused how this all works. Well, I'll keep checking online to see if the change is made. I'm excited about it all, but sad for Kevin Rudd......

Well, it looks like it's official! Congrats to Gillard. I hope she does well.

I have so many people coming to my blog looking for information on Gillard's astrology stuff. Very interesting.....

For those looking for the information: Gillard was born in Wales on 29 September 1961.