Monday, June 28, 2010

The Location of Adelaide

I had an Australian related dream last night:

I am talking to my sister Melissa about her past trip to Australia. She says they stayed in these little cabins, and she didn't like it, because there was a busy body there who announced all your comings and goings. You couldn't go to the toilet without many people hearing of it.

I agree that this sounds annoying. But she shows me photographs of the cabins, and they look really cute to me. I find myself somewhat attracted to the place. Then Melissa says something like The cabins are in Adelaide. It's a city on the south coast of Australia. I'm offended that she thinks she needs to tell me where Adelaide is. I'm wondering how she could not know that I'm so obsessed with Australia, and have this whole blog. Wouldn't it be expected that I know the location of Adelaide?

I say something snide to her (but I forgot what I said). Tim is there, and I'm wanting him to somehow show support for my annoyance. He doesn't. In fact, I get the idea that he's annoyed with me.

I try to explain my feelings. I give an analogy, saying it would be like someone trying to tell a England-obsessed person about Stratford-upon-Avon. When Melissa is gone, I blab on and on to Tim about how I'm annoyed that my sister doesn't know me well enough to know I'd know about Adelaide. Tim doesn't take my all. He tells me that tomorrow he's going to go to some office and pick up divorce papers. I'm very hurt by this.

Later, Tim comes over to Jack and me and tries to pretend nothing happened. Actually, he shows affection, but I'm unable to tell if he's showing affection to both of us....or just Jack. Either way, I make sure to act hurt and angry. I want him to grovel.

At another point, I ask him about the divorce paper thing. I expect him to reassure me, saying it was just a joke or that he was angry and overreacted. But instead he says he's undecided about the whole thing. He's not yet sure what he's going to do.

It wasn't the happiest of dreams.