Thursday, June 24, 2010

Prime Minister Frozen Yogurt

Australian Prime Minister Robert Menzies in Se...
Our new favorite dessert place is Menchies Frozen Yogurt. They have this fun concept where you fill up your cup by yourself with yogurt and various toppings. Then you pay by weight. My only complaint is the cups come in one size only, and they're huge! This tricks you into getting more than you usually would. That's not good in a country with an obesity problem. And I also think it's environmentally irresponsible. They're using more than the needed resources to make the cups, and that also creates more garbage. So MAJOR shame on Menchies for that. But Kudos to them for making a fun little yummy place.

Anyway, since we've started going to Menchies, I've been mispronouncing the name. I wasn't trying to be cute, and I wasn't doing it on purpose. I've been calling it Menzies. The weird thing is, I didn't make the connection until today. While Jack and I ate lunch, we talked about Menchies, and once again I called it Menzies. Jack corrected me. Then he said, I think Menzies is a place in Australia.THEN I made the connection. Finally. It's very weird that I didn't before. Oh well. I told Jack it wasn't a place in Australia, but a person. I was overly impressed that he had heard of Menzies, and knew it was Australia related. I asked him how he had heard of Menzies, and he didn't know. Maybe it IS a place in Australia? Maybe there's a place named after him, and we encountered it when we were there? I don't know. I used to do Australia flashcards. A few times, Jack watched me. Maybe he remembers from that? Or the day I wrote about Menzies, Jack might have asked me who I was writing about....

I told Jack that Menzies was the first Liberal Prime Minister. Jack looked a bit confused, and asked who Edmund Barton was. I said that was the first Prime Minister in general.

We then talked more about politics. Jack amazes me with what he knows and understands. He brought up Obama and Sarah Palin. He asked (jokingly) if he could get a fake ID so he could vote in the next election. We figured out the first presidential election he can vote in legally will be 2020. He told me he'll vote Democrat, UNLESS there's a Republican candidate who is not too much on the right. Actually, I think he used the phase a Republican Candidate who's not too Republican. He said McCain was kind of in the middle while Bush was more on the right. Then he said his Papa is in the middle, but a little bit more Republican.

I love how he knows all this stuff.

I'm not the most politically education person, so I'm sure very soon he'll know more than me (at least with American politics!). Fortunately, Tim's very politically aware/educated, so he'll be a good mentor for Jack.

Oh! We also had some Australian political talk yesterday. Of course, I told Jack about Gillard replacing Rudd. I brought up our time in Canberra and said that maybe we had seen Gillard while in Parliament. (I gotta go read my old post to see) I THINK we saw her, but I can't remember. And I said to Jack that I think we actually saw her face, and not just the back of her head (like we did Rudd). Then with enthusiasm, Jack said something like And we saw Malcolm Turnbull's real face! Yeah....instead of his pretend face. I knew what he meant, but it still cracked me up. We had a good laugh over that.

P.S-I went to read the old post. We DID see Gillard, but just the back of her head. Then Tim thought we were seeing Turnbull, but I had thought that it didn't look like him. We were kind of far away, so it's possible I wasn't seeing things correctly.

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