Friday, June 18, 2010

Replacing the Dead

Tonight, I watched a little bit of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Well, it won't be tonight by the time you read this, because I'm posting this in a few days.

Anyway, the movie is the last film that Heath Ledger appeared in. He died before they finished filming. Instead of scrapping the project, they did some creative thinking and decided to have multiple actors playing the same role. So we get Ledger, Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell.

There's some fun eerie stuff according to IMDb. The last line Ledger did for filming was Don't shoot the messenger. Then supposedly, Johnny Depp came in, not knowing about the line, and asked if he could ad-lib that into the movie. If that's true (and not mythology), it's pretty cool.

It's actually NOT the last line you see Ledger saying. I kind of expected him to transform into Johnny Depp after he said that. And he didn't. So I guess they filmed stuff out of order....which is typical, I've heard.

Here's something kind of funny. Or maybe it's just funny for us. Tim pointed to the old bearded man in the movie and said That's Dumbeldore. I had no arguments there. It looked like Dumbeldore. It sounded like Dumbeldore. But then I quit Sims 3 and went on IMDb to learn more about everything; and I learned it's not Dumbeldore. It's Christopher Plummer! They totally had us fooled.

Last night I kind of had a dream related to the movie (not knowing we'd be watching it tonight). It was kind of along the lines of replacing someone who's dead.

 I dreamed.... we are visiting our friends in Tasmania. Tim and Jack are already there. I come alone, and my friend's husband picks me up somewhere to bring me to their house. I have one duffel bag with me, and I worry that I've forgotten something back at home. I also worry about getting into a car accident. Tyrone has broken his leg, and I worry he's not up to driving. I also worry he might be on pain killers. What if he's driving under the influence? I start worrying we're going to crash, and I'm going to die. Then I start thinking if I die, Tracey can take over my blog for me. She can write all the posts. But, I decide, she should just pretend to be me. They shouldn't let people know I'm dead, because that would be too dramatic.
I'm hoping in the dream that I assumed Tyrone would survive the accident. Otherwise, it would have been awfully selfish of me not to realize that Tracey would be more into grieving her husband than writing my blog posts.

I had another morbid dream: I'm a mother. My child and I live in poverty. There's this idea that we'd get no help for our situation. But if I die, my orphaned child will receive financial assistance. So I feel things would be better if I'm dead

 I guess it was a kind of a Death of a Salesman type situation. Before that happened, it was one of those dreams that...well, it's not lucid. It's not like I knew it was dreaming. But there was a sense of it being unreal. It was less like being in reality, and more like being in a story. I WANTED to die, simply because I was bored. The storyline of the dream (though I didn't know it was a dream) was boring to me. I wanted a change. I wanted action. I wanted drama. I wanted death! So I wanted this old man to kill me. And he reluctantly did. But I felt kind of guilty about it all. So then I turned it into the story of the poverty-stricken mother. It gave a noble purpose to my death.

My dream feelings differ from my waking feelings. In my waking life, I have a strong aversion (and sadness) about children being left as orphans....or even just losing one parent. My number one fear in life is losing Jack. But close behind that is the fear of him losing one of us (me or Tim).

Speaking of that....

I learned from Lord Wiki that Depp, Farrell, and Law all donated their salary from the movie to Ledger's daughter Matilda. That was incredibly sweet of them.

It's so sad though.