Saturday, June 12, 2010


So, this is the thing. That little break, I planned to take from biography posts, is going to be a bit...permanent.

The idea of this entered my mind as we were driving to Dallas. I realized I could simply quit. It scared me. And it stressed me out because suddenly I had this huge decision to make. I told Tim what I was thinking, and said he must not try to convince me one way or another. I actually knew what he'd say (if I had let him). He'd tell me I shouldn't do something unless it makes me happy, blah, blah, blah. I thought I didn't want to hear that.

Then when I didn't hear it, I sat there wishing he'd say it. And that pretty much sealed the deal. That revealed my heart's desire.

I loved doing the biography posts...a LOT. But I think towards the end, I grew tired of it. I considered quitting back then, and decided maybe all I needed was a break.

There were two things that worried me about taking a break.

1) I'd have nothing to write about, and my blog would fizzle into nothingness.
2) My relationship with Australia would end.

Well, to my surprise, without doing the biography posts, I still have a lot to write about. And I feel my love for Australia has become stronger in the last few weeks.

I REALLY believe it's time to move on. I want time to do other stuff. I'm having so much fun on the Australian Screen website. I want to hang out there more. I want more time to keep up with Aussie current events. I want to have time to actually become a fan of some famous Australians. I sometimes feel the budding of a fanship, but then the next day I have to move on to someone else.

I need more time with this Jimmy Barnes song. I used to listen to it all the time, but I haven't much since I started doing the bio posts.

I do have that must-please-everyone thing going on. What if people are mad at me for quitting? Oh no! But truth be told....I have a feeling most people are as tired of my biography posts as I am. Or let me just imagine that, so I don't feel conflicted and guilty. Well, I don't want to imagine that people are SUPER tired of them. I know. Here's a good idea. I'll try to imagine people feel the same way as me: They LOVED my absolutely brilliant fantastic clever biography posts. But they've grown a bit tired of it, and are a little relieved to know I'm quitting, and will be writing other kinds of posts instead. Yeah. Now THAT is a beautiful fantasy.