Friday, July 23, 2010

Building the Future

I just watched this video about CH2 in Melbourne.

CH2 (Council House 2) is an extremely environmentally friendly office building in Melbourne. It's on Little Collins Street.

The building has all kinds of impressive innovative features that are good for the earth, and also good for human health. My personal favorite feature is shown at around 2:32 in the video. It's these window things made out of recycled materials. They cover the windows in the afternoon. Well, I think they just cover the windows that are hit strongly by the sun. It looks cool, and it IS cool. Hey, and I guess it also causes the building to be cool....not just as in awesome, but cool as in temperature. How cool is that?

The building gives me hope in humanity. It's nice to see smart people using their brilliance to create something that helps the world.

At the end of the video, the narrator man reminds me of Geoffrey Rush...well, at least his mirror-image does. He concludes the video with a mirror behind him, and you get this profile image. The profile image reminds me of Rush, not the front non-mirror part of him.

I just did a little more googling. It turns out there's a restaurant in the building. Maybe we'll check it out...either eat there, or peer in the window to see other people eating.