Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Andrew's Amazing Magical Photos of Japan

I had two Australia related dreams last night. Well, the first was not really about Australia, but it was about an Australian. So I guess that counts.

1. I find out (somehow) that I can look at Andrew's Japan trip photos. I'm wondering if I need to do this since I can just look at the photos he's adding to his blog posts. Is that not enough? Do I need to look at the whole collection of photos?

I guess I decide it's NOT enough. I look at some photos. They're a bit magical....like virtual reality. Soon I feel like I'm in the photo. It's beautiful. I'm standing on some look-out. There are rocks, maybe mountains, and a wild body of water with rapids. There are other people there, and the idea is that they're also looking at the photo. We're all there, but not really there. I'm thinking that since it's not real, I should do something wild. I consider jumping into the water. Other people are doing that.

2. Tim, Jack, and I both end up back at Seven Mile Beach near Kiama. I start thinking maybe this wasn't the best idea. I liked Seven Mile Beach, but I'm not sure I liked it enough to return. I consider going out more this time...drive to Kiama more often, and explore the town. But then I'm thinking maybe Tim will want a break from driving. He might want to spend the whole time at the holiday park. We head to our cabin or room. There's a body of water, and we're on some kind of ledge. Jack jumps in. I'm a little worried, but not too much. I think I sense that it's just a dream now, but I'm not entirely sure. I watch to make sure he comes up okay. He seems to be coming up, but then starts to go back down. I jump in after him. But there's not really a sense of panic, because I know it's likely not real.

Yeah, so both dreams have this thing of jumping into dangerous waters because it's all pretend.

I wonder what that means.

I think I know why I dreamed about Kiama. This weekend, Tim asked my sister what her favorite place to visit was. She said #1 was Costa Rica, and #2 was Australia. That surprised me a bit. I had assumed she preferred New Zealand to Australia. Then I asked Tim what his favorite place was. He said Australia, and I asked which part. He said Kiama....although he was confused and I had to help him remember where we had stayed. I get confused too though. When I talk about that trip, I usually say Kiama. But we weren't really in Kiama. We were about twenty minutes away at Seven Mile Beach park. It's in some town, but I forgot the name.

I should go look it up.

Here we go....

Here's the Holiday Park website. The park is in Gerroa.

Anyway, I was kind of surprised that Tim said this was his favorite. The holiday park WAS nice, but the weather wasn't so great while we were there. And there were too many blue bottles on the beach. We never got to go swimming.

Then I remembered that I hadn't scheduled in a beach stay for our next Australia holiday. I fretted about that because Tim loves those. But he says it's not the beach as much. He likes visiting the smaller towns. We are going to be doing some of that. So that's good. I hope it's enough.