Sunday, July 18, 2010

What's Your Problem, And Where Are You?

If someone has a bad emergency in Australia they can call triple zero to get some help. The operator will ask what the emergency is, and they'll ask for a location. Hopefully, the person calling won't be so nervous that they'll forget their address, and/or where they are. If you're out and about, you can probably just give the cross streets of your location. Or if the place is famous enough, you can probably just say the name. We're at the aquarium.

But...what if you're in the middle of the park somewhere? What if the park is big, and you have no earthly idea where you are within the park. And what if you can barely think because the snake venom is going to your brain?

Well, in Melbourne they have Emergency Markers. It sounds pretty cool. In various locations, they have these little signs with codes. If you have an emergency, you just call out the code to the 000 operator.

Hopefully there are a lot of these signs so you don't have to drag yourself too far to find one.

Right now they have the markers in the Tan track, Birrarung Marr, Alexandra Gardens, Victoria Harbour, Waterfront City, and Yarra's Edge.

I'm reading other safety stuff now on the City of Melbourne Site.....

Apparently, one of the major safety issues in Melbourne is getting hit by a vehicle while walking. They talk about how it's important to follow the traffic light things. We usually do. It's also not a good idea to be listening to an MP3 player while walking. I usually don't. I like hearing what's going on, especially when I'm in Australia.

Sometimes we're bad, and will cross when there's no green man. This happens when there seems to be NO traffic. And then you feel kind of dorky waiting there for the light to know, when there's not even any cars around. But I guess that's risky. Some car can come speeding by. But then again, if a car comes speeding by like that, there's always the chance they wouldn't stop even IF it was your turn to cross.

My sister was hit by a car while walking in a parking lot. Some people are hit while hanging out in their front lawns.

You can be overly cautious and still get hit. Too many people drive while intoxicated or sending text messages.'s probably good to make as many safe choices as possible, even when knowing that someone's else's stupidity might kill you.

If you do something wrong (to yourself or others), guess what! You might get caught on camera. Melbourne has 54 surveillance cameras installed within Melbourne. It's like that episode of The Simpsons. Was it on this season, or another season? I forgot. Ah, here's a blog post about it. It was on this season.